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EZTalks Overview

What is EZTalks?

EZTalks is a video conferencing tool that allows you to host or become a part of online meetings. It reduces the boundaries between you, your clients, partners, and other business affiliates that might be thousands of miles/kilometers away. It doesn’t matter the location that they come from. You can have a virtual discussion that is held over a special software via the internet. EZTalks makes it simple to build a team that is reliable, and collaborates with you during the online meetings. The tool is free and unlimited. You can use it for a lifetime, and you can also upgrade to the premium version where you pay some fee for added functionalities.                            

Key Features

  • With the free version, you can host up to three persons via the video conferencing EZTalks account.
  • You can share your desktop, videos, pictures and other files while you have a video conference. The video and audio features are in high definition. The meetings are also recorded. The only files that the software hasn’t included are the executable files i.e. files that a computer’s operating system understands.
  • You can schedule your meetings using the Windows software. It also has a public and private chat window. It assists you to send a private message to the recipient privately without the rest of the attendees seeing it.
  • The purchasing plans for EZTalks are affordable and based on the number of participants you would like to attend the video conferencing meeting.
  • The Audio and Microphone have a mute ability. The attendees don’t have to hear background sounds from your end during a meeting i.e. television volume
  • If you don’t have an EZTalks account, then you can join the meeting as a presenter instead.
  • The collaboration tools used by the software include the whiteboard drawing, and annotation (make notes on) tool, and the remote control.  
  • It applies to various industries such as government, enterprise, education, finance, community service, healthcare, and others.


EZTalks Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 26 December 2023

Seamless Webinars and Video Conferencing

Its online webinar and video conferencing tools offer high-definition quality, facilitating effective communication for both clients and staff. The whiteboard sharing function enhances information sharing during meetings, making communication more efficient.

  • EzTalks enables the simultaneous sharing of 25 video feeds during webinars, accommodating over a hundred participants
  • This feature allows for efficient coverage of a large audience, saving time and energy in communication efforts.
  • A small improvement could be the inclusion of notification tunes for incoming calls and chats.

Reviewed on 27 November 2023

Seamless Collaboration

This software offers a more convenient and user-friendly alternative to platforms like Skype. Its excellent screen sharing capability eliminates the need to carry documents everywhere. While there may be occasional delays in tasks such as scanning files and creating rules, the platform's peaceful collaboration with other systems contributes to its status as an all-encompassing communication software.

  • With extensive web and video conferencing solutions, it simplifies and enhances meetings, making them both easy and powerful
  • The platform offers a centralized space for large enterprises to communicate effectively
  • Quick scheduling and member notifications for meetings add to its efficiency
  • Occasional connectivity issues to computers and system slowdowns have been noted, especially when the Syncing feature is not functioning optimally

EZTalks Pricing

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EZTalks Pricing Details

EZTalks Key Features

Conferencing Capabilities
  • Video Conferencing
  • Streaming
  • Hand Raising
  • Webinars
  • Meeting Invitations
  • Meeting Lock
  • Speaker Identification
Presenter Controls
  • Add/Remove Participants
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Change Presenters
  • Presenter-Only Area
  • Listen-Only Mode
Remote Support Features
  • Screen Sharing
EZTalks Features Details

EZTalks Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Video Conferencing category is 8.3

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