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What is DELMIAworks?

IQMS has a flagship product called the Enterprise IQ. It is developed with specifications for discrete and also repetitive manufacturers. They can be found in aerospace, automotive, plastics, metal fabrication, packaging industries and others. Though its focus is on firms that have repetitive processes, the system can also be used by Engineer-to-Order (ETO) or Make-to-Order(MTO) companies. The product offers Enterprise Resource Planning, and also Manufacturing Execution Functionality. These include core accounting, real-time shop floor control, production planning, scheduling among other tasks. Under the hood, IQMS utilizes Oracle database thus enabling the ERP system to support infinite number of concurrent users.                              


  • IQMS is committed to progressive development. It works with customers for years so that new features can be refined and added to the system.
  • It has a mobile application offered with the core product which allows users to access systems remotely from wireless devices.
  • The implementation process backed by direct staff from the company aims at ensuring the smoothest transition for new clients. IQMS boasts of high customer retention within the industry. It is currently at 98%.
  • It is has the most visual graphic interface - with color coding compared to QAD, and Epicor. Just from a glance, you can tell the releases that have shipped, are late or due.
  • The scheduling Gantt chart shows the work orders that will be late, won't receive materials on time, or need to be expedited.
  • Real-time Production monitors show visually the machines that are running slow, down, or fast.  
  • Highly productive- you can right-click any record, and it showcases all related information.
  • The IQMS system alert is a tool that allows you to manage processes by exception. You can set it up to look for problematic situations, and if found it emails someone about it. Such problems include uncoded downtime, overdue raw materials, due calibrations. It can clean-up files, perform backups and others.

Company:Dassault Systèmes

DELMIAworks Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 19 December 2023

Cross-Functional Efficiency

The ability to manage cross-functional projects simultaneously, from production start-up data to purchase orders, labeling, and shipping, has streamlined our processes. The real-time synchronization from purchasing to delivery is now a seamless and hassle-free experience.

  • IQMS ERP has empowered us to handle cross-functional projects concurrently, creating a centralized hub for various operations, from production to shipping
  • The real-time synchronization feature has significantly enhanced the efficiency of our purchasing and delivery processes, contributing to smoother operations.
  • While not a significant downside, the need to train employees in interpreting real-time data is present
  • Ensuring the team is well-versed in leveraging the system's capabilities is crucial.

Reviewed on 17 November 2023

Transparency and Organization

The platform's emphasis on transparency, organization, and user-friendly management has truly made a positive impact on my daily work. The transition from traditional approaches to this modern solution has proven to be a catalyst for increased efficiency and productivity.

  • Provides transparency to business operations, making tasks more organized and visible
  • Transitioning from traditional methods, the platform has brought about increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Desire for additional features persists.

DELMIAworks Pricing

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DELMIAworks Key Features

Manufacturing/Production Management
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Production Planning/Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Shop Floor Control
Inventory Management
  • Item Tracking & Traceability
  • Procurement/Replenishment Optimization
  • Purchasing
  • Kitting
  • Vendor/Supplier Management
  • Order/Delivery Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Space & Floor Planning
  • Equipment/Tools Management
  • Parts Management
  • Warranty Management
Cash Flow Management
  • Billing Model Management
  • Budget Management
DELMIAworks Features Details

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