Which is Better SAP or ServiceNow?

Which is Better SAP or ServiceNow?

Which is Better SAP or ServiceNow?

Finding the right systems to centralize, streamline, and automate business operations like ERP software can be one of the most challenging things for a business to do in modern times. With the recent growth in technologies and increase in the number of tools in the market is definitely a challenge. ERP software is used by many companies for better control of operations and finances and can also be used to calibrate supply chains and inventory as well. 

SAP is a well-known and highly adopted cloud-based ERP. Both SAP and ServiceNow are some of the most widely known and used tools by enterprises across the globe. While the two might have their differences, when it comes to being centralized business collaboration tools, they are arguably some of the best choices available at the moment.

In this article, we will explore the two tools and help potential customers have amazing experiences by purchasing the right 3rd party tools for their business. It's also worthwhile to explore other ERP comparisons such as Oracle vs. SAP and SAP vs. other ERPs

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Is Salesforce Similar to ServiceNow?

Similar? Yes. But is salesforce the same thing as ServiceNow, then the answer would be a solid no. 

Salesforce, an American cloud-based software company, aims to provide a number of products and solutions that an enterprise might need while primarily being known for their CRM.

ServiceNow on the other hand is a cloud computing platform that focuses on helping employees create workflows and manage their tasks better within an organization. ERP systems can be implemented on-premise, which was the choice of manufacturers for decades. Today, more and more companies are looking to the cloud for mobility and flexibility in business operations management. Even smaller companies are looking at cloud ERP implementation and timelines since cloud-based systems are so much more accessible and affordable than traditional on-site ERP setups.

Not only is ServiceNow a great tool, but it also has a great working environment for its employees.

ServiceNow employees rated their CEO Approval 3% higher than SAP employees rated theirs on Glassdoor.

Is ServiceNow an ERP Tool?

The short answer is yes. ServiceNow is considered to be one of the best ERP tools available today, but it is so much more than that for various stages of resource planning.

ServiceNow is built on the cloud and can be referred to as cloud-based services. It is a workflows solutions software that helps businesses and organizations to automate their workflows, improve their overall efficiency and ultimately become vital to their customer’s success.

The cloud is a promising technology that has facilitated remote work and allowed us to stay connected even though most of us had to be confined due to the pandemic, and this is among the reasons companies are undertaking ERP at higher adoption levels now than in past years. That being said, the cloud is one of the most competitive markets to be in at the moment.

What are the Key Features of the Best ERP Tools?

True ERP tools are designed to help improve service processes and understand customers but ServiceNow moves one step ahead and makes the whole job a lot easier for the service provider. 

ERP systems are advantageous for all types of businesses but that doesn't mean ERP challenges should not be considered for a successful implementation. One of the first things to consider in choosing an ERP is what features are most important to your company.

Here are some of the key ERP features you should be looking for when considering a new or upgraded ERP:

  • Integrations

One of the main goals of ERP software is handle all types of clients and to do that it is vital to have integrations with other software available on the market. An ERP tool can prove to be the biggest client for a 3rd party tool, which is why most of the time these tools will try to have integration available. There are different types of ERP systems, including those that can be configured for most any business and others that are pre-built with industry-specific tools and features.

New ERPs will only be adopted by business users if there are adequate integrations to facilitate the creation and usage of customer workflows. 

  • Easy to Use Modules and Tools

To really drive customer loyalty towards retaining a tool, an important characteristic of an ERP needs to be easy to use. ERP tools need to be super easy to use. Naturally, there will always be things that are a bit advanced for the average user, but this should not be a hard barrier for any use. ServiceNow is a great tool since it is easy to use, while getting used to SAP can take a bit of time.

  • Reporting

To become a market leader in the enterprise niche, tools need to have brilliant reporting options. Having good reporting makes using the tool a lot easier for the manager and other stakeholders. While some other tools may take months of experience to get up to speed, an application like ServiceNow or Sap can really show how good they are thanks to their brilliant reporting features.

  • Modularity

Modularity is the feature that allows the application performance to reach a new level. It helps to create sub systems within a system that is essential when there are different departments trying to create workflows.

One of the reasons why ServiceNow has captured a big chunk of the market share is that it is incredibly modular. Managements for clients also becomes a lot easier with modularity since the concerned service provider will use the ERP to cater to the needs of the clients.


Which is Better SAP or ServiceNow?

The debate to find the better choice out of the two automation tools, namely SAP and ServiceNow, is very interesting. While both software are designed to help businesses and the people that use them, it is quite obvious that each tool has a few advantages and a couple of drawbacks.

The pros for SAP are that it is reliable, has good troubleshooting features and is also equipped with great monitoring solutions. Conversely, it is more difficult to use and takes time to train new employees to use SAP to it’s fullest.

servicenow erp

ServiceNow has many customization features that allows sub-modules to be active or inactive depending on the current need of the business. It is also easy to easy and requires minimal effort to create workflows. With the positives out of the way, ServiceNow still has to improve its customer support as well as work on refining their overall product suite.

With the new CEO making positive moves for ServiceNow, subscription revenue skyrocketed 32% in the three months through December to $1 billion, and for 2021, the company is projecting sales to reach as high as $5.5 billion, a 22% rise, according to Protocol.

Even though there are quite a few market participants when it comes to ERP applications, cloud platforms and box applications, finding the right fit for your business can be a challenge.

Both SAP and ServiceNow are great tools. But it ultimately depends who you ask. SAP users might give brilliant user reviews for SAP but will probably rate other comprehensive software slightly lower. Find out what your true business needs are as well as your budget before you purchase any enterprise grade software.

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