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Act-on Reviews & Overview

What is Act-on?

Act-on delivers a complete marketing automation solution for those looking to approach their leads based on what they truly need. Segment and nurture leads to generate value-based revenue, which can be the stepping stone towards long-term customer retention.  

Automation is another key feature of the Act-on platform, since crucial tasks can be automated to ensure leads are approached at the right timing. Craft messages that delight leads with inbuilt email marketing tools, while also monitoring customer patterns via in-depth analytics and reporting. 

Company:Act-On Software Inc

Act-on Pricing

per contact / per month
Act-on Pricing Details

Act-on Key Features

Email Marketing
  • Triggered Emails
  • Transactional Emails
Content Marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Advanced Website Interaction Analytics
Social Media Management
  • Social Profile Data
Lead Management
  • Trigger-based Actions
  • Account based Marketing
  • CRM Integrations
Reporting & Analytics
  • List Reporting
  • Landing Page Performance Reporting
  • Email Performance Reporting
  • Custom Reporting
  • Campaign Performance Reporting
  • Program ROI Analytics
  • SEO & Keyword Tracking
  • Multi-touch Revenue Attribution
  • Web Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Real-time Sales Alerts
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Dashboards
  • Insights analytics suite
  • Traffic and conversion analytics
CRM/Sales Management
  • API for Custom Integration
  • Business Intelligence
Campaign Management
  • Campaign Templates
  • SMS Campaigns
Act-on Features Details

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Act-on Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • It has a timeline that helps me a lot in completing my projects on time.
  • It keeps me and my team organized.
  • It literally has determined the future of marketing automation.
  • It is a little problematic regarding its layout.
  • The buttons are not attractive.

Act-on has no reviews yet.

Act-on Usability Score

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The Average Usability score for the Marketing Automation category is 7.2

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  • Meets Requirements
  • Learning Curve
  • Quality of Support
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