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Protosphere is a 3D video conferencing software designed for virtual instructors. It is mostly used for team collaboration and also training engagements. Most of the virtual spaces resemble meeting rooms such as classrooms, auditoriums, trade show halls, laboratories and others in the business industries. The users are represented on the application as business-appropriate avatars. It offers a sense of identity and presence not typically found in traditional collaboration software. The software brings information, places, and people together. It engages and stimulates the virtual world. People around the globe can meet in a virtual space instantly and affordably as it is also cost-effective.                                    

Key Features

  • Savings because travel time is cut, and any other associated costs are reduced, or eliminated. This improves the level of international communication and collaboration. People in a medical laboratory can meet with individuals on an oil tanker.
  • The software offers the ability to engage with individuals using various communication methods beyond facial expressions and speech.
  • It displays contact information and hosts conversations with private groups.
  • The ProtoSphere cloud gives you the tools that will keep you engaged and connected. It provides an identity to your colleagues and encourages them to be persistent in the issues discussed in the meetings.
  • Its displays are versatile, and they support multiple formats that also include stored videos.
  • There are improved knowledge retention and transfer for extended learning situations. It gives you an experience that mimics real life events. You can join scheduled meetings, and learning engagements. You can share images, slides, videos and others,
  • You can listen to the conversation, and participate in it while using Microsoft Lync. You can receive chat messages, and send the chat messages with other members.
  • You can view the files and documents that are stored on Microsoft SharePoint on demand or in future meetings.
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ProtoSphere Features

Conferencing Features
100 Participants
Custom Avatar
Client Software
Server Software
3D Environment
Collaboration Features
Application Sharing
Meeting Types
3D Virtual Conferences
3D Virtual Meetings
3D E-Learning
System/Management Features
Admin Panel
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Sharepoint
Reporting Features
Rich Data Visualization
Security & Compliance
User Privileges
Role-based Access
Single Sign On
AES 256-bit
Single Port Firewall Traversal
Industry Expertise
Scientific Research & Development
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