What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
LMS Benefits for Education and Corporate Training

Learning Management Systems

The popularity of Learning Management Systems (LMS) has grown quickly (with a particular spike occurring over the past few years) as educational institutions and businesses look for the best way to make a seamless transition to remote working, schooling, and training.

If you fall into any of these categories, an LMS solution may be just what you’re looking for to facilitate distance learning, online business seminars, or corporate training. 

But what is a Learning Management System? How does the system work, and how can both educational institutions and corporations expect to benefit by using these cloud-based learning and training support tools?

We’ll explore the answers to those questions to give you a better idea of what an LMS is, and what it can do for your school or business. 

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software solution that offers a full suite of tools to support online learning and remote training sessions. LMS software is cloud-based, which makes it easy to access and use anywhere an internet connection is available. 

LMS tools can be customized to a educational or corporate training needs of schools and businesses, and contain a variety of different modules to support those needs, including:

  • Creation, Automation, and Delivery of Online Training, Courses, or Certifications
  • Learning and Development Programs
  • Administration of Courses or Training Programs
  • Documentation
  • Certification
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • And More...

LMS Solutions for Education

Education-focused LMS solutions offer a wide array of different tools to facilitate and track the effectiveness of online learning.

Learning Management Systems can be used for education at the primary, high school, and collegiate levels, and there are LMS vendors who specialize in all the tools needed to make the online classroom an effective and engaging reality for students who are shifting from in-classroom learning environments to home-based, distance learning online. 

LMS offers a number of benefits to schools and businesses. If your organization isn't already offering online training options, you may want to consider developing them. Here are some of the benefits LMS provides for educational institutions:

  • Organizes learning content within a single platform
  • Facilitates interactive learning between students
  • Provide students with more options for taking classes
  • Offering students multiple modes of processing course material
  • Allows for increased enrollment without hiring more instructors
  • Tracks student progress both in terms of completion and retention
  • Offers greater flexibility in courses and learning modes

LMS Solutions for Business

However, there are other LMS vendors who focus their tools and service offerings around all the systems and features companies need to support remote employees with training, career planning, performance management, and more. 

A select group of vendors offer LMS tools will suit the needs of both educational institutions alike, which are available in customizable platforms based on needs and budget. Many vendors do not diversify into both aspects of LMS solutions, though. 

LMS offers a number of business benefits related to online training, employee development, and employee performance tracking. Business benefits of using an LMS include:

  • Organizes training content within a single platform
  • Facilitates interactive, online training sessions for employees
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Offers tools for employee performance management, training, and career building
  • Provide companies with more options for creating and delivering online training
  • Provides employees with different access points for training (desktop and mobile)
  • Allows for increased enrollment without hiring more instructors
  • Tracks employee progress both in terms of training completion and information retention
  • Offers greater flexibility in employee training
  • Reduce travel costs associated with flying employees out to specialized training sessions, conferences, and certifications
  • Improves employee performance by training them in the skills they need to succeed

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