Top 5 Applicant Tracking Features

Top 5 Applicant Tracking Features

When you take a look at the various top applicant tracking software solutions that are available, you’ll find that the top offerings are growing more and more feature-rich. 

However, it can also make decision-making difficult. We’ve compiled a list of the top five applicant tracking features we feel are the most critical. How you’ll weight each of these features will depend upon your organization’s own needs and culture.

This concise list is a great way to begin evaluating your choices for the applicant tracking system that’s right for you. Once you’ve made a short list of options that meets your needs in these five important areas, your decision-making process will be much more streamlined.

Deal Breaker Screening

There are requirements, and then there are requirements. A good ats system is capable of sifting through the wheat and discarding the chaff when it comes to applications. If you absolutely require certain certifications, degrees, skills, or experience, you’ll need a software solution that can sort through your applications and remove those that don’t fit these needs. Not all systems are created equally; a software with great language recognition is your best bet if you are advertising positions with particularly strict parameters.

Integrated Scheduling and Communication

Bouncing back and forth between applications to manage scheduling and communication with the applicant and between relevant departments can result in great applicants falling through the cracks. If your ats solution has well-integrated scheduling and communication tools, it takes much of the onus off of HR, which allows them to do what they’re really there for: finding the best candidates.

Side By Side Feedback Platform

Each interaction you have with an applicant can be a source of important feedback for the future, and there are often multiple team members who interact with each applicant. That feedback can be integral to making the right decision when it comes to hiring—so why make it difficult to find? We always recommend checking out your applicant system options to find those that have side-by-side feedback presentation integrated into the platform. That way, you won’t miss important information from your colleagues, or forget your own observations when dealing with a large volume of applicants.

Social Media Integration

Social media isn’t just “social.” LinkedIn and many other social platforms are now an important tool in applicant selection. Today’s applicant tracking software solution vendors appreciate that, and have made it easier than ever to access applicants’ online presences while reviewing applications, without having to deal with multiple software platforms. You can bolster your knowledge of a candidate quickly and easily with social media integration, which gives you a more complete picture of what each applicant has to offer.

Top-Notch Applicant Facing Platform

Applicant tracking systems are, more than ever before, also application systems. That means that their ease of use by your team isn’t the only thing you should be looking at. Your applicants will be using your ats system as well. Take the time to give the system a test-drive as an applicant. Your company’s reputation, branding, and presentation are reflected in its professionalism and organization, and the caliber of applicants you’ll receive will be affected by its efficacy as well.

Of course, every company and organization also has its own unique needs when it comes to applicant selection, which means that these probably aren’t the only features you’ll want to explore when you’re making your choice. Whether you’re thinking about implementing an ats solution for the first time, or considering upgrading your current solution, our Applicant Tracking Buyer's Guide for recruiting and applicant tracking is an ideal place to start.

This un-biased guide compares solutions from the industry’s most admired and elite vendors, software platforms at a variety of different price points, open source and proprietary options, and so much more. You’ll be able to get a clear picture of what each has to offer, so that you can choose a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Because applicant tracking software is improving at such a fast pace, it’s always good to be aware of the options available to you. There may be a feature out there that could revolutionize your recruitment process—you’ll never know for sure until you look!

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