The Best ERP System Australia Uses: A Complete Guide

The Best ERP System Australia Uses: A Complete Guide

To make the best out of the best ERP system Australia you should align your features and functions following your business goal. Choosing the best ERP system Australia is a big task, as all your employees will depend on it. A suitable ERP makes the difference between your business's failure and success.

What are the 3 Leading ERP Systems?

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is focused on the management of the business processes of a company. Various software systems are used for ERP, and the best ERP system that can be considered is Oracle NetSuite. This is because it is one of the most utilized and sold ERP systems worldwide, with extensive support from its developers for their users.

Oracle NetSuite ERP, Odoo, and Sage Intacct are the leading ERP systems. The comparison of best ERP system Australia is as follows:

1.     All three ERP systems tend to have accounting-related features that are given the most focus as part of their core modules. This is to ensure that financial matters can be managed easily. NetSuite ensures accounting modules are tailored for modern-day companies, whereas Odoo provides it contains handy tools for the accounting process. Sage Intacct, meanwhile, excels the best in accounting.

2.     Regarding human resource operations concerning ERP, NetSuite has a Human Capital Management (HCM) module as part of its services to ensure employees can be made effective. At the same time, Odoo focuses on HR management tools, and Sage Intacct lacks in this aspect compared to the other two. 

3.     For CRM (customer relationship management), NetSuite ERP is more effective in its operations and processes, whereas Odoo is decent with streamlining, and Sage Intacct does not have inbuilt CRM tools.

All three are widely used by companies worldwide based on their requirements and tailored services that fit the company's objectives.

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Which ERP Module is Best?

In the best ERP system Australia, the ERP module is the game changer. ERP module is a tool in the best ERP system Australia that handles different business departments with specific features. Any ERP module is an add-on and has a cost. When choosing the best ERP module, remember the purchase price, as it must be an investment. To select the best ERP system Australia you need to consider the following things:

The top 5 ERP modules in the best ERP system Australia are discussed as follows:-


Financial tools are the most helpful and essential tools in the best ERP system Australia as finance is your backbone, so effective management in this department is required. The financial module will help in calculating your revenues and bookkeeping. Learn more about the biggest differences between ERP and Accounting software

Inventory Management

Another important ERP module that must be present in the best ERP system Australia is inventory management ERP. It works closely with the supply chain. This ERP module is also essential as it deals with multiple departments throughout the product's life cycle. This tool's in best ERP system Australia expected benefits are increased profits, efficiency, and satisfied customers.

Marketing Automation

These ERP modules automate the marketing process and are essential in the best ERP system Australia. It caters personally to the customers' needs with various tools such as email campaigns, leads nurturing, ROI generation, and many more. It also encompasses social media marketing tools to boost your business by promoting products and services.

Customer Relationship Management

In the best ERP system Australia, CRM tools are crucial. The beneficial relationship between ERP CRM solutions helps you deal with customers and sales. Basic CRM features include contact lists, interaction histories, and basic analytics. CRM tools will help you target your top customers for any sales opportunities that you might have missed previously.

Human Resources

Human resources tools are an essential and must-have in any of the best ERP system Australia as they deal with all your employees’ data. It is used to have an overview of all your employees. This helps in effective policymaking to make a productive and constructive work environment.

Which ERP is Used in Australia?

Different ERP modules cater to various issues. Here’s a software list for ERP used in Australia.


OutSystems makes it to the top of the best ERP system Australia list. It is deemed one of the most powerful low-code platforms on the planet.

Professional Advantage

Second, on the list of best ERP System Australia is Professional Advantage. Professional Advantage provides new ERP, cloud, and BI software.

Ramco Systems

Ramco Systems is a multinational software company that offers ERP, HRP, Logistics, and Aviation software solutions. Such diversity of services and an exceptional reputation makes Ramco Systems one of the Best ERP System Australia.


Another one of the Best ERP System Australia is ERPisto which offers services like running reports, customizing invoices, and tracking expenses. In other words, it provides a single affordable solution for multiple business needs.


Fusion5 is also one of the leading Best ERP System Australia. It relies on technologies like Microsoft, NetSuite, and Oracle to provide diversified services, including outsourced payroll, project management, and consultancy. 

Leverage Technologies

Leverage technologies are one of the best ERP system Australia that helps in choosing and implementing new ERP.

Ironbark Software

Ironbark Software is also among the best ERP system Australia, and it provides complete ERP solutions.

DyFlex Solutions

DyFlex Solutions, with unmatched expertise in SAP consulting, is also one of the best ERP system Australia has to offer. 

Liveware Solutions

Liveware Solutions is a provider of ERP services, especially popular among SMEs, and in that regard, is considered one of the best ERP system Australia.


Last on the list of the best ERP system Australia is DWR. With cloud ERP Netsuite, DWR offers services from implementation and development to integration and optimization.

How to Choose the Best ERP System Australia

To choose the best ERP system Australia you need to take the following considerations:-

Outlining Goals for ERP

To choose the best ERP system Australia you need to define why you want the ERP module and what you gain from it.

Goal Setting

To choose the best ERP system Australia you need to make a strategic decision, as it is an investment of time and money.

Visualize Future

While making the selection of the best ERP system Australia you need to plan for the next 5-10 years. Consider your employee, branches, remote working area, and revenue goals.

Software Selection Team

Choosing blindly from the best ERP system Australia will not be cut. You have to assemble a team of people who will use the software. They should consider the following points:

  • They are identifying the company’s requirements.
  • They are evaluating potential solutions.
  • Developing a shortlist.
  • Performing due test/demos of the shortlisted candidates.
  • Making a final recommendation for best ERP system Australia.

While choosing the best ERP system Australia you need to identify where does your business lie? Is it small-scale, mid-scale, or an enterprise because each of these tiers has different ERP software with some pros and cons. 

For any of the best ERP system Australia you need to be patient as results don’t come in a day, but all good comes to those who wait. Compare the best ERP systems to select the best solution for your business. 

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