Social CRM: Top Features for Business and Integration Tips

Social CRM: Top Features for Business and Integration Tips

Having all business communication channels interlinked via the best social CRM is vital to conducting business nowadays. Customer communication has become ubiquitous, and customers may contact your organization via multiple communication channels. Hence, using a social CRM is vital to personalizing each customer interaction. 

What is Social CRM?

Social CRM stands for social customer relationship management. It uses social media to interact with businesses or organizations and their customers. It connects your social media with your CRM system. This gives your entire business team members easy access to information about current or potential customers.

Social CRM provides tools that help you get leads for your business using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Social CRM has many applications in marketing, customer service, sales, etc., and the list goes on. The main aim of social CRM is to add a deeper touch to traditional CRM by allowing companies to interact with customers in a multichannel retailing environment.

Social CRM will enable companies to keep track of customer conversations outside of formal conversations. Social CRM has an entire audit history of customers from all social media platforms. So traditional and social CRM's goals are the same, but social CRM gives a fuller picture of your business's audience.

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What Is the Difference Between CRM and Social CRM?

You might be wondering about the difference between traditional CRM and social CRM.

One of the main differences between traditional CRM and social CRM is that traditional CRM only tracks communication made through conventional methods such as phone calls, emails, live meetings, etc. On the other hand, social CRM keeps track of contacts through traditional methods and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Social CRM also checks inbound marketing between your customer and business.

Another difference between conventional and social CRM is that in social CRM, you can even learn what other customers say to each other about your business. A huge advantage of social CRM is that it monitors wherever your business is being mentioned all over social media. This helps you gain insight into what opinions people have about your business. 

Social CRM also helps you gain new prospects through monitoring social media.

Best Social CRM Features for Customer Experience

Here are some of the best social CRM features for customer experience:

Customer Profile

Social CRM provides complete profiles of customers across the world. Their location, age, qualifications, etc., are all available for you to see and have a better know-how of your client and their demands.

Social Listening

this is yet another crucial feature offered by social CRM. It means that wherever your business is being mentioned, you would be alerted. This helps you gain leads, prospects, and insight into what customers say about your business.

Social Selling

this is the best feature offered by social CRM. Social media now is not just a means of talking to your friends. Thanks, social CRM streamlines your customers to your business page and helps increase your sales using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Best Social CRM Features for Sales and Marketing

Here let's talk about the best social CRM features that specifically help in sales and marketing:

Email Marketing

Email marketing strategies are an essential feature as it uses emails to inform current and prospective customers of new launches and offers.

Social Media Integration

This is yet another essential feature offered by social CRM. This feature helps sales and marketing departments have a centralized hub to record all the customer's activity, the engagement with customers, capturing leads all in one place.

Landing Page Builder

This feature of social CRM allows your business to form an eye-catching website. The landing page builder helps make a customized page to transform customer experience using CRM

Now, this is a huge advantage for sellers who want to have a more personalized customer relationship in their business.

Social CRM Integration Tips

Below are some social CRM integration tips to get you started:

Use A Third-Party Social Media Manager

If you are looking for a deeper analysis of metrics and historical data, you need to get a third-party social media manager.

Try Understanding Your Customer’s Complete Experience Journey

Firstly identify the journey your customer is likely to have with your business. Then analyze whether you need a social CRM or other alternative methods that would be sufficient to enhance customer relationships with your business.

Use A Marketing Stack

You are living in the digital era. Get a marketing stack that gives you an automated customer experience relationship. This would not only provide in-detail analytics but would also enhance the CX customer experience. Adding UTM codes will add analytics to the social CRM.

Connecting Automated Review Generation Software With Your Social Platforms

This is the best thing you can do for your business using a social CRM. Automatically your product and business reviews will be uploaded on your social media platforms for current and prospective customers to see, enhancing engagement all over the social platforms. It can also increase leads.

Invest In Ecosystems Instead Of Platforms

Only invest in social CRM that you will grow. Instead, look for long-term plans to get better results from your CRM investment that you will stick by. Thoroughly study which API integration will work best according to your needs.

You might face challenges as you shift to social CRM from traditional CRM, especially for your sales and marketing department; it will be a significant change. You may only see results after a while, as getting popularity across all platforms is difficult. On the other hand, you might have many followers across social media platforms, which can get overwhelming. 

It would be best if you devised a solid plan for what date you want to add to social CRM. It is a hard change, but it will pay off if you are consistent and patient. With time the data being fed into your social CRM will increase, and you will get the hang of it. Do not give up too soon.

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