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What is Trimble?

Trimble Fleet Management is an excellent choice for any business that wants to track their fleet vehicle with real-time notifications of location, status, and diagnostics. Whether you need to manage four vehicles or 4,000, Trimble Fleet Management can provide the data and insight you need to make intelligent business decisions quickly and effectively. 

In addition to the already robust features of their fleet management software, Trimble has upped the ante by releasing Trimble Asset Tracking. This new feature allows users to analyze the location and status of their entire fleet in a single portal.

Trimble Fleet Management comes in three tiered packages, so that fleet managers can choose the blend of features and affordability that’s the perfect fit for their organization.

Trimble Fleet Management Express is a newly released version of the software, which presents the most popular elements of Trimble’s software in a lean, self-installing package. Trimble’s Express doesn’t limit the number of vehicles you can manage. It’s a fantastic choice for fleets with leased vehicles and businesses that use contract workers.

Trimble Fleet Management Standard is a complete offering of the basic Trimble Fleet Management features. It provides automated reporting and real-time status updates, and can be integrated with the Trimble Driver Safety program to provide enhanced benefits to your organization and your drivers.

Trimble Fleet Management Professional takes Fleet Management Standard and pushes it to the next level with the addition of vehicle diagnostics and analytics. Vehicle performance and maintenance is covered under this version of the software, as well as fuel management and vehicle carbon reports.

No matter which version of Trimble Fleet Management is right for you, once you incorporate it into your workflow, you’ll find that your vehicles begin to waste less fuel and spend less time in unanticipated repairs, and your drivers behave safer and spend less time struggling to end-points on inefficient routes.


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Trimble Key Features

Dispatch Management
  • Asset Optimization
  • Task Management
  • Workload Management
Fuel Management
  • Idle Time Tracking
  • Fuel Price Tracking
  • Location Tracking
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Geofencing
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  • Using it is incredibly easy, it is user friendly, very adaptable, it easily generates charts to be tabled to higher management, and these charts can be automatized and tailored too.
  • You need to do the calculations yourself since it offers a partial live fuel usage.

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