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What is RTA?

Let's face it, for all the different ways to track fleet effectiveness, fleet management boils down to one thing: vehicle up time. You can have the most optimized routes and the slickest fuel card integration system, but if your vehicles aren’t on the road, they’re costing you money. RTA Fleet Management software is all about productivity, and keeping your fleet rolling year round.   

They do this by providing a holistic solution, tracking and scheduling everything about your vehicles and their care. By looking beyond the features that other solutions provide, RTA Fleet Management allows you to anticipate your vehicles’ needs and to keep them on the road, tires rolling, turning investment into profit.

One of the best examples of RTA’s attention to detail is their Tire Tracking feature. Most fleet management systems have some solution for fuel management and maintenance, but they completely neglect the vehicle’s tires. RTA Fleet Management tracks vehicle tire size, tread depth, and PSI history, letting it generate predictive failure reports, so that you can take added tire failure into account when generating schedules. Further, it provides features for tire purchasing and inventory tracking.

This same out of the box thinking is applied to shop scheduling. Rather than simply schedule a vehicle to be “in shop,” RTA allows you to schedule maintenance with a specific technician, and to shift and adjust preventative maintenance to take technician availability and expertise into account. Avoid time wasting bottle-necks in shop down time, and get your vehicles back on the road, where they belong.

If these features sound attractive, head over to the RTA Fleet Management website and look over their full array of capabilities. And while you’re there, check out the extensive information sharing and training packages they’ve put online. RTA’s “Fleet University” is a free resource available to all fleet managers, regardless of the software you use. Resources such as this are why—even if you opt for another solution—RTA is worth keeping in your bookmark list.

Company:Ron Turley & Associates Inc.

RTA Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 5 February 2020

Simple and straightforward

Easy and affordable.

  • The functionality is great
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • It is very expensive software.

Reviewed on 2 February 2020

Fleet preventive maintenance tracking

Since we use QuickBooks for monthly reporting, our accounting department needs us to give a report on what we used for parts and supplies. This data is used to break usage into easy to use formats to help accurate reporting.

  • This year we plan to use part kits too
  • Part inventory tracking or pre-programmed reports, once we learn to post or receive parts properly we would start using it
  • The user conference used this system and thereby Belinda and I have started liking this
  • We are using only 15% of this and planning to learn to utilize it to full capacity.
  • It would be very helpful if we had a yes or no pop after each finished job so that the window just doesn't close immediately
  • Since there are many breaks to work in the middle, end of shift and also laptop's inbuilt mouse this would be helpful to keep the work continuing and also save extra time
  • Before we went to two user conferences we had a lot of complaints
  • We have now learned the right way of using this system.

RTA Pricing

per vehicle / per month
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RTA Key Features

Fleet Management
  • Fleet Repair/Maintenance Management
  • GPS Tracking
Accident Management
  • Panic Button
  • Autopilot
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The Average Wheelhouse score for the GPS Fleet Tracking category is 7.2

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