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What is QAD?

QAD Enterprise Resource Planning system has maintained its position as one of the leading business software solutions in an extremely competitive industry. It targets various process and manufacturing industries such as the Automotive, Food and Beverage and Consumer Products. Among its key features is its real-time business intelligence solution which is delivered via its cloud ERP architecture. Flexible deployment means that businesses are able to achieve hard-cash savings by initially installing the modules they need most and upgrading with time.  Over the years QAD ERP software publishers have established a reputation for delivering world-class products that assist business leaders to adapt to fluid business models.                                  


  • Internationalization: QAD’s business is mainly derived from countries outside the U.S. which accounts for about 60% of the company’s total revenues.  The software supports multiple currencies, payment methods, and regional localizations among other option that gives it global capabilities.  
  • Customer Choice: QAD grants customers delivery choices such as cloud, hybrid, and on-premise combinations, and software procurement such as SaaS. It uses a similar code set for the on-premise and cloud. It facilitates environments of mixed use.
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence- QAD supplement packaged reports with real business intelligence solutions e.g. data warehousing, and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).
  • Company Viability- QAD has the tenacity to remain relevant, and it delivers the technology that enables business objectives and satisfies customers.
  • QAD ERP applications allow the measurement, and also control of critical business processes. It also utilizes specific industry best practices that support companies.
  • Ease of use: It assists by delivering business ERP solutions that are easy to deploy, efficient and also support learning by the clients’ personnel.
  • Dynamic: It keeps up with the industry changes and stays ahead of the customer’s business. It embraces continuous changes incurred by its clients. The software provides top in class financials too.

Company:QAD Inc.

QAD Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 22 October 2023

Smooth Deployment

Deploying QAD was a breeze, and the transition from our previous ERP system to this one was remarkably smooth.

  • The transition from our previous ERP system to QAD was remarkably smooth.
  • An inconvenience arises from the fact that log-in credentials are not synchronized with users' Active Directory (AD) accounts
  • This lack of integration can be less than ideal.

Reviewed on 19 October 2023

Steer clear of this software

The program QAD Adaptive ERP is awful and falls short on all counts, including value, technology, user interface, and feature set. It has a 1980s vibe to it and is shoddily developed. You will be repeatedly pressing "Next" buttons, and the panels are based on an outdated 80x20 monitor. Certain fundamental features are regarded as add-ons and demand additional yearly license payments. Additionally, the program is glitchy and prone to freeze. I firmly discourage adopting QAD Adaptive ERP.

  • None.
  • Has bugs, very old system, horrible functionality and important features are required to be paid as add-ons.

QAD Pricing

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QAD Key Features

Manufacturing/Production Management
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Production Planning/Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Inventory Management
  • Item Tracking & Traceability
  • Procurement/Replenishment Optimization
  • Purchasing
  • Kitting
  • Vendor/Supplier Management
  • Order/Delivery Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)
Cash Flow Management
  • Revenue Management
QAD Features Details

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