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The team at Mike Albert Fleet Solutions understands that the core of your business probably is not managing a fleet of vehicles. Luckily, fleet management is exactly what their business is all about, and they're eager to share their expertise with you. No matter the size of your existing fleet, no matter the size you one day hope it will grow to, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions is eager to help you achieve your goals.

Most fleet management companies that offer such in depth, personalized consulting demand an upfront commitment to their services. But at Mike Albert you'll find professionals willing to help you, whether you want assistance managing your entire fleet, or just need to better understand a few new financing options.

The first step to gaining (or re-gaining) control of your vehicle fleet is getting out of reaction mode. Once you can stop putting out fires you can start making and implementing plans that will benefit your organization in the long term. The mark of the quality fleet management solution is more than just an immediate savings in the fuel management and maintenance–of course, that's nice, too! A truly high-quality fleet management system lowers the stress level of your managers and executive leadership, letting them concentrate on the strategic decision-making at which they excel.

Mike Albert Fleets Solutions provides software and consulting to help you from the first stages of planning, through acquisition, financing, branding, supports, and more! In addition, they offer all of the standard fleet management services such as accident management, fuel management, maintenance management and scheduling, Telematics, told management, and vehicle liquidation. That's a lot of steps, and as you progress through each of them Mike Albert will be doing something else: collecting data for your later analysis and use.

Don’t simply go through the same repetitive motions year after year. With their help, you'll be in a position to step back and analyze your processes and procedures, and to identify and improve all elements of your business. And at the end of the day, that is exactly what a fleet management system should deliver.

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Fleet Management
  • Fleet Repair/Maintenance Management
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Toll Management
  • Fleet Lifecycle Management
Route Management
  • Route Planning
Driver Management
  • Driver Profiling
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