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What is HorizonGO?

Melton Technologies provides desktop and cloud-based software for fleet managers and dispatchers, with an emphasis on the trucking industry. Whether your organization requires assistance with dispatch, scheduling, invoicing, or communications, Melton Technologies has a customizable solution for you.

Recently, Melton Technologies has released the Horizon Trucking Software Suite to provide support and assistance to all parties involved with the trucking industry. While their software services have always been applicable to truckers in the trucking industry, Horizon Trucking Software Suite takes full advantage of the decades of cumulative experience in trucking and shipping shared by the Melton Technologies leadership.

Melton Technologies products are highly modular and customizable. The core Melton modules include Dispatching and Scheduling, Customer Rating and Invoicing, and Focus on Drivers. Each of these are robust tools in their own right. The Focus on the Drivers module, for example, allows you to track and settle accounts with drivers whether they are company hires, owner operators, or carriers.

The Horizon Trucking Software Suite takes things to another level by providing a large number of add-on modules. Options include Circle of Service, Vehicle Maintenance, Driver Compliance, Trip Interface, Omnitracs Integration, and many more. When combined with the core modules, these add-ons create a powerful and dynamic operating environment for your fleet management and support activities.

Finally, if you want services beyond the software, contact Melton Technologies to learn about their added value propositions. These are modules that push the base software into the realm of near consultancy. The added value modules include Horizon Business Analytix, Shipment Broker, and Horizon EDI, as well as utilities such as Documents Imaging.

To learn more about how all of these modules can work together to pump up your profitability, contact Melton Technologies for a consultation today.

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