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Laserfiche Reviews & Overview

What is Laserfiche?

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management works with businesses in five key areas in order to help their company work more effectively and productively. Those areas include: decreasing overhead cost, streamlining operations, workspace integration, content management, and facilitating regulation compliance. Laserfiche ECM accomplishes all this through their web-based management software.

Cutting overhead costs is achieved by doing away with physical paperwork, and transitioning an office to a totally paperless system. Old records can be replaced with searchable databases, office space can be reclaimed or reduced, administrative time can be reduced, and staff can work far more efficiently with various automated services and form creation and filling processes.

Operations can be streamlined with Laserfiche ECM thanks to easy-to-use diagram tools and workflows that keep all employees on track. Data can be accessed, edited, and approved from any device, even a smartphone, so employees eliminate waiting times and get back to work sooner. With automated notifications and classification, Laserfiche eliminates bottlenecked inboxes, and sharing files is very easy thanks to the shared workspace that all users can access.

Regulation compliance is easy to meet thanks to the detailed user audit trail. Content management is easy thanks to the ability to delegate, monitor, modify, organize, and control content every step of the way, as it is pushed through the workflow. Settings and workflows can always be customized based on the needs of a particular project or asset. The user interface uses a familiar nested folder organization, so it’s easy to get your team up and running on Laserfiche ECM in no time, and the software integrates with many other applications that your employees use, such as GIS, CRM, and ERP software. Laserfiche offers online training courses so you can get employees working even faster, or designate an office expert as you transition to the new system.


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Laserfiche Key Features

Document Management
  • Legal Hold
  • Version Control
  • File Transfers
  • eForms
  • File Transfers
Reporting & Analytics
  • Issue/Bug Reports
  • Audit Trail
Content Management System (CMS)
  • Content Lifecycle Management
Search Tools
  • Search by Keyword
Collaboration Tools
  • Annotations
Project Management
  • Review/Approval Management
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