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What is Kalix?

Kalix Practice Management is a web-based practice management software designed by healthcare professionals, levering cloud technologies. The system database is hosted on highly secured, HIPAA-compliant data centers. The application is design to meet all practice management needs, with a special focus on nutrition professionals and students/educators clinics. Kalix PM is designed to run on PC, Mac, tablet and mobile devices. It is bundled with simplified billing and payment system, client database search system, flexible scheduling, configurable reporting templates and an intelligent appointment and invoice reminders module.


Kalix PM offers a flexible calendar and scheduler that allows for quick drag-&-drop appointment creation, and a follow-up module to manage subsequent patients follow-up appointments. The MyWeek view module offers advanced weekly planning options, and a various booking options allowing multiple clinicians or patients to be added to single appointments. The system also comes with a simplified billing and payment function which allows for auto-creation of an instant superbill. Kalix offers a strong document management module that stores all documents in the cloud, allows quick searches and easy patient documentation generation. With these functions, practices can optimize revenue and better manage their practice.

Kalix’s unique value is in the use of International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology (IDNT) to help nutrition professionals through the Nutritional Care Process. Kalix has been employed in generating clients IDNT reports, which immensely saves on time otherwise spent creating and entering text and data.

Kalix brings effortless integration of NCP and standardization of professional practices, based on a rich information database accessible to practices. The system is also considerably cheap compared to other PM applications and users can actually calculate monthly costs based on number of appointment per week or time spent on the system.


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