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IntakeQ Reviews & Overview

What is IntakeQ?

Established in 2014, IntakeQ is an online solution that provides smart onboarding services to the medical industry. The system was developed by a small team of professionals and is based in Ontario. The system is engineered to eliminate the tedious tasks of filling out paper-based intake forms and waiting for entry and responses. It offers online patient intake forms designed by the practice, and aims at eliminating time wastage, frustration and strain associated with waiting room constraints. By using the system, patients can fill online intake forms at their convenience and submit them electronically. It follows a four-step easy-to-follow procedure and gives practices freedom to design intake forms that best suit their business.


The system offers a reliable platform for effective onboarding processes, by reducing the cumbersome work of booking appointment to fill out paperwork, and improving the first patient-physician interaction experience. This process gives more time to physicians to plan for appointments, especially for very small practices and remote practices. IntakeQ provides a cloud-based secure backup of all submitted forms.

The system is also simple to use and is HIPAA compliant. It can be integrated with the practice’s website, is customizable and comes with an e-signature module to support signing consent forms. It also features a simple appointment reminder module with automated SMS and voice reminders, which tremendously decreases the rate of appointment cancellations and no-shows. IntakeQ is easily accessible via mobile phones and does not require advanced user training, as featured by many appointment schedulers.

Being a web-based system, it eliminates the need to invest in expensive computer hardware such as on-site servers, thus making it affordable and suitable for startup and small practices. IntakeQ offers graduated pricing to match the size of the practice.


IntakeQ Pricing

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IntakeQ Key Features

HIPAA Compliance
  • Yes
Scheduling Features
  • Appointment Management
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Booking widget
  • Branded Custom Forms
  • Unlimited Form Templates
  • Task Management
Patient Management Features
  • Secure Client Portal
  • Automated Intake
  • Treatment Notes
  • Form Reminders
  • Client and Provider e-Signatures
Medical Billing
  • Invoices
  • Recurring Payments
  • Claims submission
Claim Management
  • e-Faxing
  • Superbills
Reporting and Analytics
  • Export to PDF/CSV/Dropbox
  • Secure Document Sharing
IntakeQ Features Details

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IntakeQ Reviews

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  • I like IntakeQ because it is easy to use, secure receiving and sending information, HIPPA compliant, provide patient information like their insurance cards and ids.
  • Excellent service.
  • None.

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