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FltPlan Overview

What is FltPlan?

Long the most recognizable brand name in GPS technology, Garmin remains an industry leader and we can do much more than simply get you to the grocery store. GPS devices have come a long way since Garmin helped popularize them at the tail end of last century. Today, Garmin's Fleet-ready Navigators are interactive navigation and messaging terminals.

Combined with Garmin's black box data transponder units, the navigators provide continual connection to your monitoring center. As the fleet manager, you are able to communicate directly with your driver through text messaging and instant rerouting. No more time wasted as the driver tries to punch data into a small screen or calls in to get verbal direction.

A typical Garmin fleet management system includes the necessary navigation technology and access to the user interface. This includes a GPS navigation device and an interface cable connecting the receiver to the rest of the tracking system. On the software side, Garman provides an interface to connect the rest of the fleet management system, and the ability to integrate with third-party tracking solutions.

Garmin solutions for commercial vehicles and long-haul trucking combine their high tracking navigators with the openness and availability of the android platform. The use of the android system means that a wide variety of peripheral devices can be incorporated into your system. Everything from barcode readers and mobile printers to Wi-Fi cameras can be incorporated into the Garmin fleet solution.

Garmin devices are a powerful addition to any fleet manager’s toolbox. Because they require a third-party tracking system in order to be used effectively, if you're interested in Garmin Navigators, it's important to reach out and talk to their support staff to make sure you're structuring your system correctly.    

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FltPlan Key Features

Route Management
  • Route Planning
  • Traffic/Cancellation Response
  • GPS Tracking
  • Distance Tracking
  • Weight and Balance Control
  • Interactive Maps
Fleet Safety & Quality Assurance
  • Fleet Safety Policy Management
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