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Eclipse Reviews & Overview

What is Eclipse?

Eclipse practice management software, a product developed by MPN Software Systems, Inc. is a multi-functional, comprehensive and robust medical solution that allows simultaneous handling of multiple patients and doctors appointments, and other Medicare services. This capability creates a continuous workflow in the typically hectic healthcare environments. With over 25 years of use in the medical field, Eclipse PM supports more than 7,000 chiropractors, physical therapists and other medical practices across the United States. The solution fits small offices as well as large institutions that handle more than 100,000 patients and with over 200 concurrent users.


  • Eclipse practice management provides an all-inclusive HER, documentation and scheduling solution to create seamless workflows
  • Eclipse PM’s multi-faceted documentation capabilities allows its users to create SOAP notes, convert them into password protected PDFs and along with other documentation, submit them electronically as required.
  • Its HIPAA compliant KIOSK helps keep staff efficient by allowing patients to enter PHI and any other personal complaints directly  
  • Eclipse permits the inclusion or exclusion, on claims forms, of sales tax, late charges inventory and other non-requisite information by the insurance carriers
  • Eclipse PM is a well-established company whose massive sale volumes allows them to downsize the cost of the software making it more affordable for practices of all sizes
  • The application also allows easy transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10, creating a seamless work transition within institutions.
  • Eclipse provides a competent support staff helping institutions in implementing inventory procedures, coding updates, integration and generation of marketing reports. 

Company:MPN Software Systems, Inc.

Eclipse Pricing

Eclipse - Chiropractic EHR, Billing, and Practice Management
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Eclipse Key Features

Targeted Users
    • Medical Billing
    • EHR Integration Packages
    User Authentication
    • Role-based access
    HIPAA Compliance
    • Yes
    Scheduling Features
    • Online Patient Scheduling
    • Physician Scheduling
    • Staff Scheduling
    • On-Call Scheduling
    • Facility Scheduling
    • Advanced Scheduler
    • Access Control & Audit Trail
    Patient Management Features
    • Patient Medical History
    • Patient Billing History
    • Specialty-specific EHR/EMR
    • Accurate documentation
    • Scheduling queues
    Medical Billing
    • Centralized billing
    • Expert Billing
    • Sales tax calculations
    • Sales Commission Tracking
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    Pros & Cons Preview
    • The basic needs can be fulfilled.
    • The customer service is horrible.
    • They don’t know how to resolve the issues accurately.
    • The interface is outdated.
    • It takes too long to log in.
    • Unnecessary steps to perform any function.
    • Patient ledger is very complicated and messy.
    • Speed is very slow.
    • Fee schedules are hard to organize.
    • They say that they welcome suggestions but on sending suggestions.
    • A very rude and unprofessional person answers you straight that means no.

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