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Dialpad Meetings Reviews & Overview

What is Dialpad Meetings?

UberConference offers a comprehensive suite of advanced features to ensure make your online meetings better. 

Screen Sharing during a web conference call can help to add a visual element to a virtual meeting and further enable real-time collaboration. Whether it’s to showcase weekly sales metrics, collect feedback on the latest design rendering, or present a deck to your team and clients, being able to share your screen during a conference call is a game changer. And with UberConference, sharing your screen is as easy as clicking the “Share Your Screen” button on the dashboard.

UberConference leverages Voice Intelligence to transcribe meetings and automate tasks during the conference call. Based on your conversation, Voice Intelligence can capture important moments from your meeting and compile a list of Action Items for you to revisit at a later time. Furthermore, the Post-Call Summary will give you a snapshot of the conference call and the Call Transcript will provide you with a full record of the meeting.

While in-person meetings are ideal, having a meeting where all the participants are in the same room is often hard to achieve in the increasingly global and mobile modern workforce. HD Video Conferencing is a great alternative that helps participants to feel like they are meeting face to face in the same room.


Dialpad Meetings Pricing

per host / per month
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Dialpad Meetings Key Features

Conferencing Features
  • Screen Sharing
  • Record Meetings
  • Reports
  • HD Audio
  • HD Video
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Self-Service (Mobile App)
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Toll-Free Number ($30/mo for yearly or $35/mo for monthly)
  • Dial-Out
  • International Access (Over 50 Countries)
  • Custom Dial-In Number (US and Canada)
Presenter Control Features
  • Add/Remove Participants
System/Management Features
  • Admin Panel
  • Pincode/ID
  • Custom Hold Music
Dialpad Meetings Features Details

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Dialpad Meetings Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • My customers don’t have to pay for a subscription as most times the free plan is sufficient for a few of my smaller projects, using phone or computer for audio or calling in through browser or phone is flexible, in case a person is feeding back or making distracting noise, you can mute others on the call, novices can navigate the software with ease as the software is intuitive, well designed, and visually clean, and it is simple to share screens from inside Chrome.
  • Lack of support of the screenshare option on Firefox browsers.
  • The options for audio drop down tab don’t appear when connecting through laptop.

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