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What is CureMD?

CureMD Medical Billing is a cloud-based solution that provides complete revenue cycle management solutions to medical practices of all sizes. It helps medical practices overcome nagging and persistent problems such as high accounts receivable, decreasing cash flow and reimbursements, and infrequent and incomplete reports and analyses. The solution also helps practices in their efforts to manage denials and improve claim settlement ratios, and offers a service to handle accounts receivable that have been outstanding for long periods of time and assist with clinic enrollment with insurance agencies.


With the CureMD Medical Billing solution, clinics can expect to see a 96% first-claim payment record and a rapid decline in the numbers of claims that are denied. With CureMD, the average Medicare claim takes about 16 days for settlement, which is better than the industry average.  Practices have 24x7 access their financial data and authorized users can log in and work from anywhere – even when they are not connected to the clinic’s network.

The complete and comprehensive billing service carries out a large number of financial functions. These include detailed patient eligibility verification to ensure that the most common cause of claim denial is corrected even before the claim is raised. Enrolling the clinic with the insurance agencies is complex and time consuming, but CureMD handles this task on behalf of the clinic. Submission of both electronic and (where necessary) paper claims is ensured by the company.

The CureMD Medical Billing solution has comprehensive modules to handle denials and ensure their correction and rapid resubmission. The solution will automatically file appeals in all cases of denial, and cases where lower-than-claimed payments have been made. This ensures that all revenue due to the clinic is collected and only very few cases have to be sent to collection agents.

The solution is completely cloud based and users do not have to procure or set up any servers, databases or other IT equipment. They can simply connect any PC or laptop to the Internet and get on with their work. 

CureMD Recent Reviews

Dr. Rahimi
Reviewed on 30 July 2023

0 stars. They took my money up front. Spent over 1.5yrs leading me on and never got the platform up. We moved on to another platform, and they tried sending us to collections for charges for a platform that was never created! Stay away from this company at all costs.

Reviewed on 4 November 2019

Okay but needs more browsers supported

  • Using it is quite easy as is navigating everything, and it is amazing to be able to use some of its features on their app.
  • It is unavailable on other browsers as it functions with internet explorer only.

CureMD Pricing

CureMD Medical Practice Management
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CureMD Key Features

Medical Practice Management Features
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Procedure Codes
Patient Management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Discharge Planning
  • Transition Care Management (TCM)
  • Patient Referral Management
  • Patient Education Tools
  • Electronic Prescription
  • Refills Processing
  • Send to Pharmacy
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CureMD Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Medical Practice Management category is 8.2

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  • Ease of Use
  • Meets Requirements
  • Setup & Support
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