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collectiveFleet® Reviews & Overview

What is collectiveFleet®?

CollectiveFleet is a cloud-based fleet and mobile asset tracking system designed to give managers the data and control they need to make the most of their operations. CollectiveFleet was developed by the skilled team at CollectiveData, and there's no doubt that this is a data driven fleet management solution. CollectiveFleet produces a steady stream of data that managers can use to track their assets in real time, to order new equipment before an emergency strikes, to reduce equipment ownership costs, and to reduce downtime while maximizing customer satisfaction.

The makers of CollectiveFleet understand that no matter how large and complex your fleet may be, the effectiveness of its operation relies on accurate and skillful data collection. Whether you're trying to determine quantity and timing of part ordering, compare vendor costs, or generate work orders, CollectiveFleet is there to support you with the facts and figures you need.

Once the data is collected, CollectiveFleet provides over 100 standard reports out of the box. In addition, reports may be customized as much as needed in order to give you the actionable information that you require. Report customization may be done in an ad hoc fashion, allowing anyone to generate them, without needing a degree in computer sciences.

CollectiveFleet's accident and claim management capabilities reach beyond what other, more basic fleet management solutions offer. With the tools to track and analyze vehicle performance and driver habits, CollectiveFleet allows you to respond quickly to accidents as they happen even while it enables you to reduce the risk of their occurring in the first place.

Many features that are costly add-ons with other fleet management systems come standard with CollectiveFleet, such as barcode scanning capabilities and a wide range of third-party software integration. If you're ready to take your fleet management to the next level, you owe it to yourself to check out CollectiveFleet today.

Company:Collective Data, Inc.

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collectiveFleet® - Fleet Management Software
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collectiveFleet® Key Features

  • APIs
Dispatch Management
  • Workload Management
Route Management
  • Regular Route Planning
  • Pick-Up/Delivery Planning
  • Automatic Customer Updates
  • Traffic/Cancellation Response
  • Vehicle Tracking
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Pros & Cons Preview
  • No more manual reports and sending location via phone calls now.
  • Install a GPS and track location through the browser.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface and easy management.
  • It can work only if you have a reliable and stable internet connection.

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