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What is Campaign Monitor?

Specializing in email marketing and automation, Campaign Monitor offers a set of intelligent tools to make email efforts extra intuitive. Start off by creating personalized email campaigns, which can also be taken a notch above by crafting equally customized user journeys as well.  

Reaching the right audiences is made smarter via customer segmentation, which enables businesses to engage depending on what’s truly relevant to users. With a comprehensive analytics suite, Campaign Monitor also offers a bird’s eye perspective on what’s trending among your consumers, based on numerous variables such as geography and engagement levels.


Campaign Monitor Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 17 May 2023

Totall loved this Email manager

The product enables the creation and delivery of high-volume outbound marketing emails, effectively solving the challenge of reaching a large audience with targeted marketing messages. This benefits our marketing efforts by allowing us to engage with our audience on a larger scale and drive conversions.

  • One of the standout features of Campaign Monitor is its drag and drop functionality, which allows for effortless creation of customized marketing emails.
  • I must commend the vendor success team for their prompt resolution of any issues or concerns.

Reviewed on 17 May 2023

Best for email marketing

I highly recommend trying out Campaign Monitor. It offers reasonable pricing and the advantage of white-labeling, allowing emails to be sent under your brand rather than a generic email platform.

  • I particularly like the ease of setting up email lists, writing and reviewing email communications, and scheduling campaigns.
  • Additionally, the comprehensive reporting feature provides valuable insights on the reach and engagement of our email campaigns.
  • The quick and responsive support staff is also commendable, offering assistance when needed, especially if the extensive help topics don't address specific queries.
  • Currently, the platform doesn't provide visibility into whether recipients read the emails on a phone, PC, laptop, or tablet, despite being able to track opens in various browsers.

Campaign Monitor Pricing

per contact / per month
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Campaign Monitor Key Features

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Features
  • Discount/Promotion Management
Campaign Management
  • Campaign Orchestration
Event Management
  • Virtual Event Planning
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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Marketing Automation category is 7.6

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