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Benchmark Solutions Overview

What is Benchmark Solutions?

Benchmark Solutions is a fully-integrated suite of solutions for healthcare practices, which includes Benchmark PM, Benchmark RCM, and Benchmark EHR. Benchmark Solutions is much more than a typical technology provider, having been built to leverage over 40 years of expertise in helping healthcare providers solve profitability and time management issues.

Key Offerings by Benchmark Solutions

Benchmark PM

Benchmark PM focuses on streamlining workflows and improving front- and back-office operations to reduce errors, improve care, and simultaneously boost revenue. This is made possible by expanding the functionality of existing, time-tested IT infrastructure using tools that drive efficiency and help expand the practice without adding more staff.

Benchmark RCM

Benchmark RCM gives you a 360 degree responsibility held to the highest standards for healthcare practice revenue cycles, from coding to claims management and all the way to patient and insurance collections.

Benchmark EHR

Benchmark EHR makes it easier to access all required medical charts, enhance patient care, and ensure compliance and continuity of care while keeping costs at a minimum. Moreover, patients can schedule appointments, check laboratory results, request prescription refills, and view their statements more conveniently, via the patient portal.

Benchmark Solutions Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 3 May 2023


  • The software is user-friendly and has a smooth learning curve
  • The support provided is exceptional!.
  • The main drawback I have encountered is the ability for users to delete transactions from previous months, which causes imbalances in the accounts receivable
  • This issue consumes a significant amount of time every month-end to rectify and restore balance.

Reviewed on 3 May 2023

The best

  • we have worked with Benchmark for years
  • We thought it was time to try another industry-specific software, so we began moving away from using Benchmark as a platform
  • We tried the new system for 7 months, but we are now are coming back to Benchmark for the sophisticated accounting software
  • We thought we had found a system better than Benchmark, but that was not the case for our accounting team
  • Benchmark includes a powerful billing system that saves us time as well as money.
  • it will be perfect once we figure out payment integration.

Benchmark Solutions Pricing

Benchmark Solutions
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Benchmark Solutions Key Features

Medical Practice Management Features

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Procedure Codes

Patient Management

  • Treatment Planning
  • Patient Referral Management
  • Patient Education Tools

Medical Charting

  • Problem List
  • Allergy List
  • Medication List
Benchmark Solutions Features Details

Benchmark Solutions Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Medical Practice Management category is 8.2

Benchmark Solutions User Scores

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