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Avaya Reviews & Overview

What is Avaya?

Avaya video conferencing is a software that offers image transmission, communication, and collaboration between two or more participants i.e. businesses, individuals who are in separate locations. The business world is getting competitive, and it's forcing organizations to re-evaluate their communication strategies. Avaya video conferencing can be deployed as a point-to-point solution whereby it links only two locations, or multi-point whereby more than two places are linked through the Multipoint control unit (MCU).   The majority of the companies in the world are setting up this kind of architecture to adopt video, and web conferencing. It is applicable on any mobile, and desktop device thus making it extremely efficient and user-friendly as a communication tool.

Key Features

  • Saves costs such as travel expenses and the participants get to pass across vital information through virtual face-to-face meetings. This is essential for overseas companies and also productive because employees can work from home offices, large local office, or regional branch offices.
  • Avaya has an above par voice messaging, call center, and video conferencing solutions. It prices are also affordable.
  • You can invite anyone, around the world and on any network to participate in the video call. It supports scheduled meetings, and also ad-hoc conferencing from room systems, mobile applications, and desktops. It also controls, administers, and monitors the whole video conferencing deployment. The virtual meetings are customizable.
  • It has an elaborate infrastructure such as multi-point conferencing units (MCUs). They deliver unrivaled performance and help to secure the connectivity between enterprise networks, and remote sites.
  • You can control your video network with easy access to participants inside and outside the organization. This gives scalability, and redundancy through the virtual resources deployed.
  • Remote endpoints are securely enabled to access your video network. It assists you to maintain the security, and firewall advantages. It allows for seamless integration with the video conferencing systems and infrastructure components that exist.


Avaya Pricing

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Avaya Key Features

Service Terms Offered
  • Customizable Plans
Support Features
  • Tutorials
  • Telephone Support
  • Email Support
  • Online Chat
  • Knowledge Base
Conferencing Features
  • Video Streaming
  • Two-Way Audio and Video
  • Screen Sharing
  • Presentation Streaming
  • Group Chat
  • Private Chat
  • Electronic Hand Raising
  • On-Demand Webcasting
  • VoIP
  • Record Meetings
  • Share Recordings
  • Manage recordings
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Email Invitations
  • Reminder Emails
  • Scheduled Meetings
  • Reports
  • HD Audio
  • HD Video
  • Meeting Invitations
  • Web Conferencing
  • Web Portal
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Join from Desktop
  • Attendee Registration
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