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What is FleetFocus?

With FleetFocus fleet management software from AssetWorks, you will be able to produce ownership costs, extend the useful life of your vehicles, increase equipment availability, and send your customer satisfaction through the roof. With an entire suite of software products in the assets works family, you will be able to tackle any challenges the management and maintenance of your fleet throws at you.

When you incorporate FleetFocus into your workflow you’ll take charge of your fleet, take care of your vehicles, and watch your profitability march upward.

Whether you are a fleet manager, a vehicle technician, shop floor worker, data analyst, or an admin/procurement specialist, FleetFocus has the tools you need to do your job better. Fleet managers are forced to wear many hats, juggling multiple priorities on a daily basis. FleetFocus can help keep your data accurate, and give you a deeper understanding of how your fleet functions. If you're a vehicle technician, with FleetFocus you'll be able to spend more time fixing vehicles and less time pushing paperwork about the vehicles you just repaired. Data analysts will fall immediately in love with FleetFocus's deep and thorough dive into the information that powers your fleet. FleetFocus's customizable report system allows analysts to find the facts that lie within the numbers and present them to the rest of the team in and easily understood fashion. And for administrative and procurement personnel, FleetFocus allows a higher level, strategic vision to guide the decision-making process rather than gut feeling and instinct.

If you decide to invest in your fleet beyond the base FleetFocus software system, Asset Works has a wide variety of different products to boost your productivity. The product suite includes FuelFocus fuel management system, Key Valet motor pool system, GPS powered by Networkfleet, and the Field Service Solution mobile workforce product.


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FleetFocus Key Features

Dispatch Management
  • Asset Optimization
  • Workload Management
Route Management
  • Regular Route Planning
  • Automatic Customer Updates
  • Traffic/Cancellation Response
  • Vehicle Tracking
Driver Management
  • Driver Scheduling
  • Driver Profile Management
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