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ArcFleet Overview

What is ArcFleet?

ArcFleet Dispatch Software by ArcLine (2000) is a complete package, crafted to guide your operation from Lead Tracking through Driver Settlements. This multi-user system simplifies every aspect of transportation management with a robust structure built around a single centralized database. ArcFleet Dispatch Software allows you to minimize the chance of management or driver error while maximizing your profit margins. The seven modules of ArcFleet Dispatch Software provide the ability to make the software work for your company, rather than forcing you to change your workflow to match the software’s demands.

Among the seven modules of ArcFleet Dispatch Software are:

Sales: Track leads, generate quotes, and calculate commissions for sales staff. Then post all relevant details to your accounting software.

Drivers: Monitor and track driver profiles, including license renewals and any necessary physicals. Audit driver logs that cover accidents, tickets, and any detrimental marks. Track activities and performance to ensure drivers are rewarded or corrected appropriately.

Equipment: Track inventory and scheduled maintenance so that you can stay well ahead of expensive repairs. Maintenance scheduling can be integrated with online calendars so that reminders will pop up for emissions testing, engine maintenance, tire inspection, and vehicle registrations.

Dispatch: The dispatch database is an area where ArcFleet Dispatch Software really shines. ArcFleet Dispatch Software's load orders can handle multiple pickups and drop offs including citywide, line-haul, and remotes. Bills of lading are directly created from any load orders. Create trip reports, envelopes, and manifests, for single or team drivers- ArcFleet Dispatch Software even handles multi trailer.

Management: ArcFleet Dispatch Software's contact manager is a one stop shop that collects vendors, customers, and leads in one easy-to-use database. Use ArcFleet Dispatch Software's customizable field entries to capture any information not accounted for in the default templates. And use ArcFleet Dispatch Software's management reports for activity synopses over any time period, from daily to annually.

Company:Arcline (2000) Inc.

ArcFleet Pricing

ArcFleet - Trucking Dispatch Software
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ArcFleet Key Features

Fleet Management
  • Fleet Registration/Renewal
  • Fleet Repair/Maintenance Management
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Emissions Testing
Route Management
  • Route Planning
Driver Management
  • Driver Profiling
  • Driver Scorecards
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