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What is FleetCommander?

Agile FleetCommander is the kind of high level, laser focused product you would expect from a team whose expertise is fleet organization and motor pool technology. Expandable from a few vehicles to thousands, FleetCommander will provide you the tools to maintain, manage, and modernize your fleet.

Because FleetCommander comes from the minds at Agile, it has features that some of its competitors haven't even thought of yet. For example, FleetCommander's rightsizing fleets metrics has allowed FleetCommander's clients to reduce the size of their fleets by 15 percent. When cutting such a large number of vehicles, the savings involved in maintenance and insurance alone is staggering. Many fleet management solution developers would never conceive of the importance of fleet reduction, but Agile’s FleetCommander not only anticipates it, it actually helps you to achieve it.  

Another example of providing unexpected solutions is the carpool options that ship with FleetCommander. Most fleet software solutions force you to tie a driver to a vehicle, and you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to move them around. FleetCommander, however, understands that the reality on the ground is that drivers and employees often need to get to a job site in whatever vehicle makes the most sense at that time. Its carpool options allow for vehicle sharing, reservations, and assignments.

Of course, FleetCommander doesn't stop there! They also offer more traditional services such as fleet maintenance, tracking and scheduling, parts inventory control, fuel cost management, risk and accident management, GPS tracking, and in-vehicle telemetrics. FleetCommander has been widely embraced by many governmental agencies for fleet management, as well as universities, utility companies, and commercial and private interests. Visit the FleetCommander website to read any one of the wide array of white papers they’ve made available, and find out what their clients already know: when you're ready for fleet management, you're ready for FleetCommander.

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FleetCommander Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 5 November 2019

Fleet Commander Review

We have right sized our fleet using FleetCommander. The overall experience is great.

  • A simple to work with reservation system for our employees and clients.
  • Items that I require are at times placed somewhere different from where I think they are.

FleetCommander Pricing

FleetCommander: Fleet Management & Motor Pool Software
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FleetCommander Key Features

Fleet Management
  • Fleet Repair/Maintenance Management
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Fuel Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • OBD Trackers
  • Dashcams
Fleet Safety & Quality Assurance
  • Fleet Safety Policy Management
FleetCommander Features Details

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the GPS Fleet Tracking category is 6.9

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