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What is Contact Center Software?

Contact Center software is a centralized suite of tools and applications companies use to provide cloud-based customer support by voice, email, phone, chat, and social media in one platform. Contact Center solutions provide a variety of inbound and outbound support features, process and workflow automations, AI chatbots, and business system integrations to create a robust support hub. Contact Center software is beneficial for companies in many industries because it automates service processes, reduces operational costs, improves agent performance, and enhances customer experience.  

While many leading Contact Center vendors have now evolved to deliver full-scale CX capabilities, existing contact center software can still be integrated with third-party CX software solutions for enhancing end-to-end customer journeys and insights. Since support is an important element of the overall customer experience, contact centers are popular use cases for Digital Experience Management (DXM) solutions as well.

Key Capabilities of Contact Center Software

  • Omnichannel Support: Contact Center systems provide customer support tools across multiple communication modes, including phone, email, chat, and social media. The system synchronizes communication history across all available communication channels so that customers can receive streamlined support, no matter their chosen communication method.
  • Inbound and Outbound Support: Contact Center solutions typically offer inbound support tools to handle reactive, incoming customer inquiries and outbound support tools to send proactive communication.
  • Call Management: Contact Center software provides extensive tools for managing, routing, and properly handling calls to create a seamless process for both agents and customers, including call routing and call recording.
  • Integrations: Contact Center software integrates with VoIP tools to centralize voice communication and can also be integrated with CRM software to consolidate customer data and support history.
  • Workforce Management: Contact Center solutions typically have integrated Workforce Management tools to streamline agent scheduling and automate volume forecasting.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Automation: Contact Center software uses AI to automate processes, support agents with real-time insights, and streamline support, including:
    • Predictive Dialing
    • Agent Assist
    • Chatbots & Virtual Assistants
    • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Customer Journey Management: Many Contact Center providers include customer journey management tools and analytics to optimize customer experience and streamline operations.
  • Supervisor Tools & Agent Coaching: Contact Center software provides supervisor tools and dashboards for call monitoring and coaching, to improve agent performance.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Contact Center software offers reporting and analytics, including speech and text analytics, to help companies analyze interactions and improve support processes.

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Top 10 Contact Center Software

Zoho Desk / Centrical / PanTerra - Streams / Crexendo / VanillaSoft / Vonage / RingCentral Contact Center / Salesforce Service Cloud / LiveVox / Switchvox Cloud

WH Score
Unify OpenScape
Starting Price:N/A
Unify Contact Center solutions offers three different focuses: outbound call centers, inbound call centers and cloud-based contact centers.
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Vantage specializes in opening companies up to better and greater results with their multi-tiered, dynamic layers of contact center solutions applicable to any form of business. From the smallest start-up to the leading global operation, vantage is prepared to engineer your staff for success with ro...
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Starting Price:N/A
VoltDelta is invested in creating value for call centers interested in adding remote agents, upgrading legacy infrastructure, and increasing their geographical distribution. Their virtual contact center solution realizes these goals in a way that saves on capital and equipment costs while delivering...

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What's the Difference Between a Contact Center and a Call Center?

The difference between a contact center and a call center is in the communication channels that customers can use for service, answers, and requests. In a call center, customers can only contact agents by phone. In a contact center, customers can reach agents through a variety of communication channels including phone, email, text, chat, social media, web, and more. 

What's the Difference Between Contact Center Software and CRM?

Although Contact Center software and CRMs are both used to manage customers, they are a completely different set of tools. For one, Contact Center software provides tools and applications to support customer service teams and automate processes across various communication channels such as phone, email, chat, and social media. CRM software, on the other hand, stores contact data and history to help companies organize information and manage relationships.

Is There a Difference Between B2B and B2C Contact Center Software?

While the core technology is the same in B2B and B2C contact center software, the implementation and customization of the software to fulfill business needs will differ substantially. Support tools, necessary integrations, and agent training requirements are some out of many factors that will differ substantially between B2B and B2C businesses, so it is important to ensure contact center systems are properly set up and integrated to support core business support needs.

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