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Top 5 Project Management Software Tools

Project management software, in an age when we’re expected—nay, required—to collaborate seamlessly with our colleagues using the latest and greatest technology, is a must for any company, no matter how large or small. But that doesn’t mean that all project management softw...

In fact, choosing the software that’s right for your company relies heavily on the various types of solutions that fall under the project management definition.

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Best of Open Source Project Management Software

When business scales beyond a point where projects can be organized with a simple mailing list or fifteen minute weekly meeting, it may be a good idea to implement a project management (PM) software solution.

But should you go with one that’s open source, or one that is built on proprietary software?

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The New Face of BPM

In today's tough economy, companies must be able to respond to sweeping changes overnight. That often entails mapping, managing and revamping long-standing business processes. The problem, however, is that many organizations are bogged down by IT infrastructures that are far too inflexible to...

Enter BPM (business process management) software. BPM tools promise to help companies respond more quickly to changing business conditions, grant real-time visibility into business processes, minimize production delays, improve process efficiency and ensure process standardization.

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