MRP vs ERP: What's the Difference Between the Two?

MRP vs ERP: What's the Difference Between the Two?

The main difference between MRP vs ERP is that the best ERP systems mainly deals with the management and processes that go through in an enterprise; this includes everything starting from the financial accounts of the business to the end product, the size of the inventory, the total amount of products presents in the inventory at any given time, the orders, the customers and their doubts and in short everything.

However, in MRP vs ERP, the MRP is mainly focused only on the material management for the inventory or production house of the company. This part deals exclusively with products and their creation and the material used, getting it, and its costs and profits. 

Furthermore, the differences between MRP vs ERP are discussed in detail one by one below. 

What Is an MRP System?

The main difference between MRP vs ERP is the one we discussed above, but now we must also understand what the MRP system is and why it is MRP vs. ERP.  

In MRP vs ERP, the MRP or Material Requirements Planning deals with the requirements and planning of the need for new material at any point during the production period. Comparing the MRP vs ERP, both target sets are closely related. 

An MRP vs ERP, mainly MRP System, is used for issues like competitive management. It facilitates and controls effective ordering and saves us from overstocking, and problems like these. MRP vs ERP can revolve around production, distribution, supply chain management, etc.

It mainly depends on the type of ERP management we're focused on. While MRP is only focused on the materials, ERP in the manufacturing industry has multiple styles, some of which concern the manufacture of products and analytics of their production. 

The MRP section of the MRP vs ERP system deals with the following things:

  • Production Management 
  • Inventory Tracking 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Distribution Management 
  • Packaging of Goods
  • Raw Materials 
  • Finished Products 
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What Is an ERP System?

The ERP system is something that deals with Enterprise Resource Planning and helps in automating and running many tasks related to a business. Different companies can use an ERP System based on their needs or areas where they require help in their business. MRP vs ERP can be used depending on the requirement of inventory management and production or storage of products. 

An ERP System mainly deals with the following features and helps a company in the following ways:


When discussing finance in MRP vs ERP systems, ERP is an excellent tool because it helps keep a detailed overview of your company's finances and alerts you if your company is spending money wrongly on something or going into any loss. It helps by automating regular data entry tasks and ensures that your business is doing great. 

CRM Management

CRM management deals with customer care services and ensures that both MRP vs ERP is used in their respective expertise to provide our business with the necessary tools. The beneficial relationship between CRM MRP vs ERP  can help enterprises to build better customer relationships. 

ERP is an excellent way of using these services because it has a branch that deals entirely with customers and communicates with them to listen to and solve their problems and concerns in the MRP vs ERP debate. 


Compared to MRP vs ERP, reporting is also one of the only tasks that ERP can integrate to perform. MRP vs ERP has a set of similar tasks. However, the ERP possesses the solutions for all aspects of the company and running it. 

Reporting deals with a detailed statistical analysis and lets us know about the recent progress or errors in the business. 

Is ERP an Extension of MRP?

When we compare MRP vs ERP, the thing that comes to mind is whether these two are related to each other or if one is the extension of another. 

Yes, the ERP systems are an extension of the MRP systems. MRP vs ERP is different because MRP is entirely based on resources and materials. However, the ERP is an extension of the system and consists of many aspects along with material collection and production. 

MRP vs ERP is a group that can be used separately or together with each other, and MRP can help find out what is best for your company's inventory. The ERP can also guide you through the processes like CRM management and ERP accounting services or tracking information using MRP vs ERP solutions. 

MRP vs ERP is a system where MRP deals with the raw materials, machinery, and everything used to produce new products and the currently lying around in the inventory. Per production when using MRP vs ERP solutions, how many faulted products are made, and what are the losses per broken or faulty product produced? 

What's the Difference Between MRP vs ERP?

The main difference between MRP vs ERP is that ERP can conclude MRP services as well; however, since ERP is an extension of MRP, the MRP cannot be a part of the ERP.

The main differences between MRP vs ERP are discussed in detail below.

MRP vs ERP are both very crucial for their respective aspects; however, using MRP can increase the production efficiency of an area because it tells us much about the shelf life of a product, inventory status, and what items or which raw materials we are running low on and so on. 

In MRP vs ERP, the MRP consists of the following features which help in inventory management:


The BOM or the Bill of Materials is a terminology used in the MRP inventory. When discussing the difference between MRP vs ERP, it is necessary to mention this because it lists the required raw materials and components needed in making and packaging the new products in our business. 

Inventory Status File

In MRP vs ERP benefits we get in MRP during the manufacture of new products is the inventory status file. This file is used to tell us about the products required, the ones running low in stock, and the latest products that have been manufactured and are lying in the inventory. These files help us order or get the required supplies to produce more products before they run out of stock so that production is always on track when using MRP vs ERP solutions. 

In MRP vs ERP, the ERP systems help in other aspects of business, particularly office work. These systems help in identifying the problems that are going on with accounts, their financial statuses, if there's a problem with anything and how to deal with customers when using MRP vs ERP systems, how to plan and set targets for the upcoming business goals, etc. 

MRP vs ERP systems ensures that the business runs smoothly with each of their tries. MRP vs ERP systems collectively manage a business and ensure that we keep all the aspects of our business in check. MRP vs ERP, the MRP section can be used if you want to deal with the inventory and understand the production, and in general, ERP can also be used for all these tasks. MRP vs ERP is our solution for on-site or off-site business issues. 

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