Learning Management Systems: Education Vs. Business

Learning Management Systems:
Education Vs. Business

Our overall approach to learning has shifted substantially in the past 6 months, and both students and corporate employees alike are now doing classes, training courses, and certifications primarily in online settings.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are crucial to this trend, as they facilitate organized, trackable online learning and also provide customizable tools necessary to create an interactive learning environment online, whether it's a classroom, new employee training, customer coaching and training, or industry-level certifications for advancement or compliance.

LMS solutions are available for educational institutions and businesses, and choosing the right LMS comes down to knowing which tools you need and how your students or employees will use the system to further their online learning or training.  Some vendors offer systems tailor their learning tools to either education or business, others offer different solutions for both academics and corporate training. 

Our new infographic series below outlines the key distinctions of LMS use cases in education and business, and showcases the growing adoption of LMS for business. 

Learning Management Systems (LMS): Education Vs. Business



LMS for Business

 LMS for Business 


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