Is Google Classroom an LMS?

Is Google Classroom an LMS?

Is Google Classroom an LMS?

While Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been increasingly popular in the education industry, and LMS is used for both online education and corporate training tasks online. The standing of Google Classroom as recognized LMS is still up for debate. It has been the topic of several debates, and many hold strong opinions regarding the tool.

While some believe Google Classroom is indeed an LMS, the rest argue otherwise. In some ways it is similar to other learning management systems, however, it lacks some key features that define the purpose of LMS. This article discusses in detail how Classroom differs from traditional LMSs and if Google Classroom itself is an LMS.

Even some experts of Google Classroom argue that it is neither an LMS nor a CMS, since it does not have its own assignment content, does not feature a grade book, and does not have an automated course enrollment process either. These experts argue further that Google Classroom is not an LMS but instead it is Google Drive Management, making it better than an LMS.

Noting the fact that, Google Drive Management is of more value to students and millions of teachers working in Google Workspace.

Compared to a standard LMS, Google Apps for Education and Google Workspace for Education offer more in terms of collaboration between users and quick feedback. Since the traditional LMSs require the average school teacher and students to work around and find ways to access Google Drive and share files, working directly in Google Classroom saves times, enhances teacher effectiveness and class participation by providing a centralized experience.

Google Classroom compared with Canvas and Schoology vs. Google Classroom are common comparisons people look at when deciding on the best LMS tools for their online learning needs.

Moodle is another LMS that is very popular and worth consideration in any side-by-side LMS comparisons you do prior to choosing your preferred system.

Is Google Classroom a Cloud?

Not a cloud, but Google Classroom is a cloud-based learning management system used by students, ideal for use in academic institutes. It is a component of a broader project called Google Apps for Education.

It enables students to benefit from the familiarity of other Google Apps, such as using Google Docs for creating an assignment doc and carrying out basic assignment management functions such as assignment creation and assignment delivery.

Other integrations include Google Calendar for automatic generation of class calendars instead of making them manually, Google Drive for attaching files, and YouTube for video content. The average teacher reports a satisfying experience using Classroom for online classroom creation and for sharing learning tools.

The integration of Google products enables convenient assignment options, with easy assignment submission for students and organized assignment collection for teachers. These assignments serve as trackers for students’ learning progress.

Is Google Classroom a Free LMS?

While there are different types of LMS solutions, Google Classroom is not readily considered an LMS despite being an undeniably powerful tool for class organization and offers many of the LMS benefits as well.

However, the good news is that while it features a lot of functionalities that are like those offered by learning management systems, Google Classroom offers a free experience. Organizations only tend to use a small percentage of features, making pricey and feature-rich solutions a poor investment decision for some organizations.

Here is how you can utilize Google Classroom as a free learning management system and vet it against commonly used LMS software:

  • Collecting data from online learners as essential learner feedback for improving the overall learning experience.
  • Deliver course-related documents to course collaborators and learners.
  • Collaborating on assignments or research tasks using the Google Classroom app.
  • Sharing links of course-relevant online resources for supplementary learning.

Is Google Classroom a True LMS?

The short answer would be no if you're considering all the typical LMS features as a whole in one system. In fact, Google Classroom is not a true LMS or even a Course Management System. It would be more appropriate to call it Google Drive Management, and that is what makes it better than a stand-alone LMS.

Google regularly updates the functionalities of Google Classroom and continues to add accessibility features to it, so in the future, it may be more like an LMS or even solve problems like a true LMS.

However, currently, it is a great tool for a class organization with the trusted familiarity of Google, offering integration and easy access to the G-Suite.

Is Google Classroom an LMS?

It is not an LMS in the traditional sense of the term, however, it offers multiple functionalities that are essential for online learning. It has integrations with Google Calendar and offers the ability to co-teach classes as well, and in its ability to evolve as a solution, it is even better than an LMS. Google Classroom now offers added functionalities of:

  • A redesigned assignment view 
  • Integration with Google Form 
  • Moving important posts to the top and reusing posts
  • Option to archive classes
  • Saving drafts
  • The Google Classroom mobile app
  • Uploading images for the class

Is Google Classroom an Open Source?

Software that has its original source code freely available for editing and redistribution is open-source software.

Google Classroom, however, is not an open-source software as its source code is not available to the general public for making modifications.

is google classroom an lms

Is Google an LMS?

No, it’s not. In fact, it is not an LMS or an SIS, or even a CMS. It is better than a true LMS though.

It should more appropriately be termed as Google Drive Management instead. It continues to grow, evolve and upgrade, featuring more and more functionalities and accessibility features, making a future possibility of it becoming a true LMS. As of now, it is a great tool for classroom management with Google Calendar integration and the ability to co-teach classes. 

What is the Difference Between Google Classroom and LMS?

Unlike some popular LMSs such as Schoology, Moodle, and Canvas, Google Classroom lacks support for the LTI standard. An LTI application is usable in all the major LMSs, however, it cannot be integrated with Google Classroom which puts it at disadvantage for LMS users who are looking for the same types of tools and integrations offered by LMS vendors.

What is the Difference Between LMS and Google Classroom?

Here are a few differences between LMS and Google Classroom:

  • There is no grade book in Google Classroom.
  • Course enrollments are handled differently.
  • Student participation is not tracked in Google Classroom. 
  • There are no student discussion boards in Google Classroom. 
  • Assignments in Google Classroom can not be organized into modules.
  • Quizzing features can be linked in Google Classroom, but they are not integrated with it. 
  • Teachers cannot create content within Google Classroom. 

Why is Google Classroom Not an LMS?

Here are a few reasons why Google Classroom is not an LMS:

  • Google Classroom provides an individual experience and not a collective experience. 
  • Student participation is not tracked in Google Classroom.
  • No quizzing features are integrated into Google Classroom. 
  • It does not feature any student discussion boards. 
  • Teachers can link content in Google Docs but they cannot create content within Google Classroom. 
  • Assignments can not be organized into modules.

Why is Google Classroom Not Considered an LMS?

While Google Classroom is a great tool for Class Management, there are a few main reasons why it is not considered an LMS. For instance, there is no grade book in Google Classroom. Course enrollments are handled differently in Classroom than they are in a true LMS. Unlike an LMS, Google Classroom does not track student participation and it does not provide a collective experience.

Why is Google Not an LMS?

Google is not an LMS as it does not feature any student discussion boards and it does not enable teachers and training managers to design new content within the tool. While they can link content in Google Docs but they cannot create fresh content within Google Classroom.