High and Low Cost of Learning Management Software

High and Low Cost of Learning Management Software

High and Low Cost of Learning Management Software

The power of the internet facilitates enriched communication around the world, making it possible to create vast social connections and foster unparalleled business growth through more online methods and channels than ever before.

Top Learning Management Software (LMS) grew in popularity by offering an immersive learning experience people can use to further their education or expand their job knowledge, in a convenient, online format. 

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What is LMS Software?

In recent years given the uncertainties of the times, online education has exploded out of necessity due to the increased school closures due to health concerns. Teachers and students have a way for students and teachers to interact as if they are in a traditional classroom but everything is completely virtual all thanks to the current LMS solutions available

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Online learning exists in many forms, including; higher education, employee training, and personal growth. The abounding learning opportunities available online have driven innovations in technology as well.

To best manage the online learning environment, many organizations are successfully leveraging this technology by investing in top Learning Management Software (LMS) system to more effectively manage courses and monitor the progress of each student or employee efficiently and accurately.

Benefits of LMS for School and Business Use

LMS systems are used frequently by schools as well as businesses due to a variety on online learning benefits including:

  • Single, user-friendly platform for organizing online learning, course management, and training management
  • Interactive student experience and multiple learning modes
  • Increased flexibility and decreased costs for corporate training
  • Improved employee knowledge, productivity, and performance

Because online education has taken diverse forms, there are a variety of LMS systems available on the market, and many are tailored to meet specific online learning goals and needs. To pick the best LMS for your educational institution, company training program, or personal development endeavors, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of what features you need and what type of LMS system will best fulfill your needs, for a price that falls into your budget.

High Cost LMS Systems

If you manage a bustling online education organization or have extensive and ongoing corporate training needs in your large business, then investing more in an LMS system that will meet your needs makes sense, and can ultimately lead to overall cost savings.

Below are our recommended high cost LMS options for large online schools or businesses.

.LRN (pronounced: dot Learn) is a leading open source LMS system that is tailored to the unique needs of large online education communities with robust membership and high coursework volumes. .LRN offers both on-premise and web-based deployment options for a proprietary yearly license fee of $35,000. This LMS provider also allows monthly payment plans that are customizable to the number of users and offer features such as:

  • Extensive certification management
  • Whitelabel customization capabilities
  • Student and employee portal features and tools
  • Robust reporting and data analyzation tools
  • Course management
  • Training management
  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Collaborative learning and workspaces

Cornerstone is an LMS system designed to enhance corporate recruitment, training, retention, and facilitate ongoing employee education and certifications. Cornerstone requires yearly licensing fees starting at $20,000, so this option is ideal for larger companies with the budget to support continuing employee education and ongoing training needs. Cornerstone operates in a web-based environment and supports mobile app access for training and learning from remote locations as well. Other benefits of investing in Cornerstone LMS systems include:

  • Management features for attendance, training, and assessment
  • Multi-user environment
  • Blogs and gamification
  • Content creation and protection features
  • Language options
  • Reporting features
  • LMS training for employees and administrators
  • Business software integration capabilities

Low Cost LMS Systems

Open Source LMS solutions are a great option for smaller schools or growing businesses due to the ease of use, system flexibility, and cost savings support by such a solution.

Below are our recommendations for low cost LMS systems which are well suited for educational and business purposes.


Blackboard offers an LMS system that is both diverse and affordable. Blackboard is a great LMS selection for smaller online education communities who support an approach to education that blends online learning as well as face to face interaction. Blackboard plans begin at just $5/month per user, making this an easy and affordable LMS option to implement and scale as you grow. Blackboard offers a wide array of features like:

  • Mobile app access
  • Extensive support options
  • Content management features
  • Course management features
  • Software integration capabilities
  • Reporting tools

Absorb offers an open source LMS solution that is powerful, flexible, and intuitive, which make is a great option for managing business training or eLearning environments. Absorb LMS is available for an affordable monthly fee, and can easily scale and grow along with your online training or education needs. Absorb LMS offers other key features, including:

  • Various learning features
  • Business software integration capabilities
  • Separate admin and employee portals
  • Customization features and tools
  • Content management
  • Certification management
  • LMS training
  • Reporting tools

As you select the perfect LMS system for your school or business, it is important to compare the tools and featured offered by our recommended high and low cost options. This research will help you choose an LMS system that enhances your school or business, for a price that makes the most sense for your budget.

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