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4 Ways Cloud BI Supports Business-Savvy and Sound Decision-Making

Business Intelligence (BI) tools help eliminate guesswork, and empower you with insightful information. Time is one of your most valuable assets, and BI tools help you save time in making decisions. These powerful tools can also help you save time by avoiding uncalculated decisions about your business, and giving yo...

One of the BI advantages garnering much appreciation from business owners and leadership is the ability to make well informed business decisions in much less time than was required in the past. BI software helps guide your decision-making processes by providing deep analysis of your existing sales figures and perfor...

4 Ways to Make the Most Impact with Your BI Data Visualizations

Data analysis and reporting are central to understanding your business on a deeper level, while looking for areas of concern and opportunity. With cloud-based BI tools, companies of all types and sizes now have access to powerful business intelligence tools that can be used to improve profits and expedite confident ...

One of the most compelling aspects of BI software is the ability to create data visualizations that showcase data with powerful imagery that can improve understanding and reveal new insights by looking at data visually versus simply comparing data in numeric-only formats. 

How Big Does Your Business Need to Be for "Big Data"?

The concept of “Big Data” is often mistook my smaller companies as a business building component reserved only for large enterprises. While this was true in the not so distant past, innovations in cloud technology have changed the definitions of data access and analysis substantially.

As a result, data-driven decision-making is at the forefront of business trends. The availability of robust data analytics tools and technology makes it possible for companies of all sizes to better understand and leverage their data for insight and growth. Data is making it’s way into every department, from m...

AI 101

AI technology is becoming a strong force in the business software industry, and more applications of AI are surfacing as companies begin to embrace it in creative ways that enhance their existing software offerings. 

As a result, more businesses than ever before have access to powerful AI technology that can help automate, streamline, and enhance many aspects of business, from communication to lead gather and business intelligence. 

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