5 Reasons Your SMB Needs a Payroll Software Solution

5 Reasons Your SMB Needs a Payroll Software Solution

5 Reasons Your SMB Needs a Payroll Software Solution

The world of SMB software is much more accessible for small companies due to the convenience and affordability of the cloud moving to the mainstream. This means SMBs no longer need to come up with the same scope of investment they’d have needed in the past to set up and maintain costly hardware-based SMB software solutions on-site.

Payroll software is no exception to this ever-growing trend, and more small companies are investing in an SMB software solution earlier to help with efficiency and accuracy when it comes to paying employees, calculating and filing taxes, and much more.

Using a payroll SMB software solution will inevitably bring benefits to any size company, however, SMB software has perhaps the most to gain from leveraging a payroll system early on in their growth to create more efficiency sooner, and free up more time for other more strategic tasks to move the business forward.

Here are five key business bolstering advantages that SMBs can gain by implementing a payroll solution.

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1.     Increased Efficiency

Efficiency is key in SMB software. When you’re first starting out, you’ll likely be running on a lean budget with only a few key employees who are helping you scale your business. During this phase, having an extensive HR department in place or automating your payroll functions may seem like a goal that’s too lofty or something that you should explore when you’re bigger, more established.

But the opposite is true today. Payroll software is easy to use (even for non-accounting professionals) and can be implemented for a price well within your SMB software budget. With payroll SMB software in place, you’ll eliminate manual tracking and payments which will help your teams work more efficiently and save time processing payroll.

2.     Cost-Savings

The largest hurdle for SMB software systemizing payroll functions in the past was cost, but the prominence of cloud-based software solutions has made it possible for SMBs to afford business-changing SMB software technology much earlier on in their businesses.

Small companies typically devote 1-5 hours to internal payroll tasks and those who choose to outsource are paying an outside firm anywhere from $100 to $1000 per month for payroll services. In addition to cloud payroll SMB software being affordable enough for an SMB to consider, you’ll also be able to enjoy cost savings (both in time and money) by using a payroll software system in your SMB.

3.     Reduced Risks, Errors, and Fines

Payroll software helps eliminate errors that can come with manual data entry and payroll processing. These SMB software solutions will ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time, as well as streamline things for your business when it comes to taxes and compliance. Payroll software automatically accounts for taxes and compliance, you’ll reduce your risk or error and limit your liability (and avoid hefty fines that come with payroll tax errors or missed deadlines when not using SMB software).

4.     Taxes

Payroll software is designed to automatically apply the required taxes to tax deductions and track payments so all of your records are updated and ready for tax time, with as little hassle as possible. Many SMB software solutions even have payroll tax experts on staff to consult businesses that are using their systems.

5.     Competitive Edge

Cloud-based payroll SMB software solutions give even small companies the option of automating and systemizing their payroll tasks, which certainly boosts efficiency, but perhaps more importantly, drives competitive advantage with SMB software and gives you more of your most valuable commodity- time. When you can automate your payroll and tax processes using SMB software, you’ll get back time that can be funneled into growing your company rather than spending it on manual (albeit necessary tasks).

According to a recent survey by Sierra-Cedar HR Systems, HR software (including payroll features) was highlighted as a “major differentiator” that’s predicted to aid small organizations in outperforming their competition. SMB software is creative and agile by nature, and payroll software can help your SMB excel through an array of business benefits.

Buying the right payroll software

Buying the right payroll software can be a challenge, especially if you are a small business and have a limited budget. To avoid making the wrong choice, it is important that you understand the scope of your business, and your SMB software growth needs when going for payroll software. As an SMB software with big growth goals, you’d want to buy something that takes scalability into account.

There are countless payroll software solutions in the SMB software market making all sorts of claims. Having so much choice can make things more difficult than easy sometimes. Keeping this in mind, we at Wheelhouse have shared a list of payroll software on our website based on a careful analysis of the most popular SMB software in the market. To aid you in making a decision about what payroll software will be the best for your business we invite you to make a payroll software comparison using our list and determine which one of the SMB software suit your needs the best. If you are a small business looking for low-budget options we have also curated a list of SMB software for you.

However, before you dive into any kind of SMB software list we’d advise you to identify your specific business needs for payroll and come up with a list of SMB software features that you are hoping to find in your ideal payroll system. Also, have a look at your company’s expenses and determine how much are you willing to or can afford to spend on payroll SMB software solutions. Going through these steps will help you narrow down your SMB software choices and give you an idea of what exactly to look for.

Like what you just read? At Wheelhouse, we are passionate about all things SMB software, and our specialty is connecting software buyers to an enterprise SMB software solution that perfectly matches their needs. It does not matter what the size of your business is, we are here to help you regardless of how big or small your organization is.

Please visit our Payroll Software page for a complete list of all the solutions we have on offer. For further queries, contact our help desk.

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