11 Top Business Intelligence Tools

11 Top Business Intelligence Tools

There are many factors to consider as you plan the purchase and integration of a Business Intelligence (BI) software solution for your business. You need to make sure the timing is perfect for your business size and budget, and also ensure that the BI solutions you consider will effectively meet your sensitive business data needs. Once you’ve zeroed in on how you want your data organized, managed, and stored, then it is time to consider which BI software will best serve your company.

There have been many advancements in the BI reporting, BI analytics, and technology offered by the top rated BI software providers. As you make the decision about which BI solution will best support your data needs and benefit your business, consider these key benefits offered by the top rated BI software providers in the market.


Yellowfin is currently the top customer rated BI software solution on the global market. They deliver BI tools design to meet the data needs of medium to large businesses and strive to provide a wonderful user experience through simple, yet powerful, BI interfaces.

Additionally, Yellowfin offers other benefits including:

  • Robust analytics and reporting features and tools
  • On-site, Cloud, and Virtual integration configurations
  • Interactive, customizable dashboards
  • Advanced data security and compliance features
  • Abundant data sources supported
  • Full service software support and training


WebFOCUS BI software is the creation of Information Builders, which is one of the largest, privately held software companies in the industry. This BI solution is a great option for startups or growing companies due to the affordable monthly fee and mobile accessibility through desktop or Cloud deployment options.

WebFOCUS also offers these key features and benefits:

  • Extensive software support options
  • Key BI analytics offerings including Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Responsive reporting and dashboards
  • Supportive of many data sources


InsightSquared keeps it simple for companies who want to operate their BI software in a cloud or virtual environment with powerful BI tools and speedy deployment.

In addition, they also boast these added benefits:

  • Low monthly subscription costs
  • 400+ preloaded reporting formats
  • 48 hour deployment and integration


Looker is a great BI solution for companies who desire data analyst level control and insight, as well as user-friendly business reporting and data access all in one system.

Looker provides these benefits and features for analysts and business users alike:

  • Desktop, virtual, cloud, on-site deployment options
  • Enhanced data security options
  • Extensive analytics options and tools
  • Custom dashboards and reporting


Board International is a worldwide software leader in toolkits featuring a unique and powerful combination of BI and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) features for growing businesses.

Board boasts powerful BI analytics, various deployment approaches, and offers other key benefits such as:

  • IOS mobile app access to important software tools and features on the go
  • Custom reporting and dashboards with multiple charting options
  • Predictive, easy-to-use analytics and tracking
  • No-programming toolkit options for both BI and CPM


Alteryx focuses on data blending and powerful analytics to offer a comprehensive BI solution for data-driven businesses of every size.

In addition to full service software support and fast system speeds, they also offer a BI solution that:

  • Unifies, manages, and stores data from all channels and sources
  • Provides robust analytics options without complex programming
  • Offers multi-format exporting options


The Sisense BI solution is a very powerful, fast system that can handle any size data without impacting user access, server space, or computer memory.

Sisense also includes these key features to meet your company’s data needs:

  • Affordable monthly subscription fee per system user
  • Vast training and support options
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools


GoodData offers a BI solution designed to help businesses grow and differentiate through easy access to all the important data, analytics, and reports they need to gain an edge over the competition.

GoodData benefits growing businesses even further with these key features:

  • Automation options designed to enhance data collaborations
  • Cloud-based deployment with full service support
  • Intuitive, customizable dashboards and predictive analytics


Chartio offers enhanced BI features and tools that are easy to use and secured with read-only views to protect sensitive data transmission or misuse.

This BI solution also includes:

  • One-click options for many complex computations
  • Affordable monthly cost per system user
  • Instant data access and options for easy, permission-based sharing


Panorama Necto is rated the #1 BI solution for simplistic, seamless business use for companies with bundle pricing for up to 20 users.

This BI software also provides businesses with user-drive options like:

  • Navigation from source data to reporting dashboard in two clicks
  • Geo-targeting capabilities during analysis
  • IOS Mobile app access


Tableau is a popular, user-friendly BI solution that has won industry awards for its data visualization operations and features.

Tableau BI solutions offer more great business benefits, including:

  • Free 30-day trial on your BI software before committing to a purchase
  • Easily accessible data and customizable, sharable dashboard reporting
  • Multiple deployment options and data source capabilities

As you consider which BI software solution will best suit your company’s data needs, use our free Business Intelligence Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the perfect BI solution for your business. 

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