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Sisense Reviews & Overview

What is Sisense?

Sisense BI has been designed to handle a wide variety of data types and sizes. Sisense BI is highly scalable and allows companies to operate on huge data volumes without worrying about servers or computer memory. Sisense BI uses parallel processing and memory columnar database to crunch terabytes on a single server without having to compromise on speed or number of users.

Data sets can be moved across different sources using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Sisense BI offers native integration with other cloud-based solutions such as Zendesk and users can access data from these applications without having to login, and data from these sources can be analyzed and used for creating dashboards.

Solution Features

  • Drag and Drop Dashboards: Users can create and customize dashboards without having to depend on the technical team. With the drag­-and-drop feature, users can easily move the built-in chart widgets and place them at a pertinent location on the dashboard. Personalized dashboards ensure a higher adoption rate and increased productivity.
  • Collaboration: Sisense BI helps in improving collaboration. It is easy to share dashboards among different users through the Web. Also, the solution can be accessed from any mobile device with the right credentials.
  • Deployment: The solution can be deployed either on premise or in the cloud depending on the organization’s requirement.

Sisense BI can be used by all businesses irrespective of their size and business vertical. Users can use a 14-day free trial to try the solution. The Sisense BI support page has an extensive library of information to make implementation and use easier. Customers can receive solution updates or connect with other users through the Sisense forum.


Sisense Pricing

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Sisense Key Features

Support Features
  • Email Support
  • Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Webinars
Analytics Features
  • AI
  • Data Integration
  • API
  • Real-Time Queries
Reporting Features
  • Interactive/Responsive Dashboards
  • Notifications
Chart Types
  • Data Visualization
System / Management Features
  • Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • Mobile App
  • Connections
Supported Data Sources
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Excel
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Sisense Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • The interface is awesome.
  • An easy to use and cost-effective platform.
  • Sisense could be better in terms of releasing the latest functionalities and editions after every four months.

Sisense has no reviews yet.

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The Average Usability score for the Business Intelligence category is 7.6

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