The wonders of video conferencing have proven to be nothing short of miraculous for most of us. From making telecommuting possible so we can stay at home and take care of a sick toddler to indulging in a work vacation from opposite corners of the world, video conferencing has made us stay on par with the things that matter most, without having to make any compromises.

While cost/time savings and flexible work schedules are some of the advantages we know of, video conferencing offers much more than that – especially for the education sector. Here we explore some of the benefits that both students and educators experience, thanks to this VoIP-based technology.

Video Conferencing Advantages for Students

1. Saves time, money and energy

With online classes and tutoring available via video, the need to commute to campus is almost completely eliminated. What’s more, affording room and board, along with physical textbooks are costs that no longer must be incurred to get a valuable education. Students can join an online classroom no matter where they are located, and ebooks prove to be a versatile alternative that can be stored in the Cloud and accessed from any device.

2. Flexible study times

The time saved due to lessons being conducted via video conferencing can be used for various other commitments and school/life balance. This includes being able to work while attending school, spend more time studying, or taking advantage of the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones.

3. Record and review lessons

Missed a class? With a traditional classroom session, the most you can recover are notes from a fellow student. Through video conferencing technologies, entire sessions can be recorded and reviewed later to ensure you stay up-to-date on your classes and studies even if you miss a live lesson. 

4. The chance to obtain quality education from any part of the world

Online courses offered via video conferencing have opened up opportunities for millions of students around the world who are unable to be physically present at the university/college of their choice, or learn from institutions they would not otherwise be able to afford. Others might miss out on great education due to strict immigration and visa laws. With video-based online tutoring, none of these variables affect students on pursuing their dream education.

Video Conferencing Advantages for Educators

1. Saves costs on classroom space and overheads

With video conferencing-enabled online education, there’s no need for academic establishments to maintain functioning classrooms, complete with furnishings and necessary equipment. On-premise staff members are also significantly reduced due to the same reason.

2. Attract more students, as anybody can join remotely

Students from practically any part of the world can be targeted to enroll in online courses, as the need to provide accommodation, food, transport, books as well as visas are all eliminated!

3. Attract better teachers, since a remote commitment is all that’s needed

Interested in having a world-renowned professor conduct a guest lecture for your students? A busy schedule may not make it possible for them to fly out and give the lecture in person, but they can surely hop on a video conference to address students and conduct the lecture. While online education can pave way for professors who may otherwise never be able to make it to your college, it also gives existing teachers the chance to conduct lessons remotely for greater convenience. 

4. Accommodate more students than a traditional classroom

If a brick and mortar classroom can host up to 30 students, video conferencing makes it possible for up to 100 students to join in on any given lesson! This further helps streamline the frequency of classes conducted; even one major session may be sufficient to cover the syllabus, as opposed to scheduling multiple lessons to teach the same lesson to smaller batches.

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