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Unit4 Reviews & Overview

What is Unit4?

Unit4  is a business and workflow management solution that offers non-profit organizations and related NGOs a complete, integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It was designed to accommodate continual change thus allowing organizations to evolve and meet emerging new requirements or internal re-organizations in a quick and easy manner. All this is done without losing the core system stability, data reliability and at a minimal cost. Non-profits are also fast tracked in adapting various operational adjustments such as new funding structures, new tax reporting requirements and changing regulatory parameters. Its flexibility gives non-profits lower ownership as well as implementation cost.                                


  • Cutting edge Technology- Based on customer requirements, the software can be deployed as traditional stand-alone ERP solutions, or also as a fully-hosted cloud ERP solution. To access the hosted version, the client only needs access to the web.
  • Customer Focus- It is made to work for multiple companies both publicly and commercially. The goal is to assist businesses that realize adaptation needs for change, flexible business processes. They meet the client demands.
  • Uniformity - It has a single, unified ledger that covers accounts receivable, project accounting, and other financial reporting matters.
  • Versatile: Control and consolidate purchasing activity that have end-to-end management spending and budget forecasting and features. It also has numerous tools used for analysis and reports.
  • Efficiency - It saves time, minimizes staff impact, and easy implementation. It also improves decision making that presents up-to-date information in an easy to read format.
  • The ERP software provides transparency, and better insights, and ability to capitalize on various developments.
  • It meets the needs of different markets, technologies, and requirements. Our portfolio uses the enterprise resource planning software. It offers bite-sized solutions that help you to understand the business.
  • The software is simple, risk-free, fast and also affordable giving all its users quality results.


Unit4 Pricing

Unit4 - ERP
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Unit4 Key Features

  • Education
  • Business Services
  • Nonprofit
Service Terms Offered
  • Customizable Plans
Support Features
  • Telephone Support
  • Email Support
Project Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Project Integration
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Control
  • Estimating & Costing
Document Management
  • Version Control
  • Documentation Quality
  • Document Publishing & Revocation
  • Document Security
Plant Maintenance
    Financial Management
    • Multiple Currency Operations
    • eCommerce Integration
    • General Ledgers
    • Asset Valuations
    • Invoicing
    • Vouchers
    • Receivables & Collections
    • Financial Consolidation
    • Cash Management
    • Payroll
    • Financial Compliance
    • Automated Invoice Processing
    • Deferred Revenue
    • Inter-Company Accounting
    HR Management
    • Records
    • Tutorials
    • Training
    • Scheduling
    • Benefits
    • 401K
    • Payroll
    • Rostering
    • Retirement
    • Resignation & Separation
    • Legal Compliance
    Reporting & Analytics
    • Custom Reports
    • Ad-hoc Queries/Reports
    • Automatic Reports
    • Business Activity Monitoring
    • Ready-to-Use Reports
    Customer Service
    • Bug Fixes/Updates
    • Email Support
    • Telephone Support
    Service Level Agreement
    • Yes
    • SAP
    Security & Compliance
    • Encryption
    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    • Audit Trails
    ERP System Management and Users
    • Forecasting & Budgeting
    • CRM
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    Unit4 Reviews

    Pros & Cons Preview
    • Business World has plenty of modules like primary payroll, finances, HR, etc, and it is extremely customizable.
    • Since 2005 when we initially purchased the Business World, the software has managed to develop with us and we have since acquired several modules to suit our requirements.
    • Non-flexible, non-intuitive, very slow, and generally bulky.
    • It is definitely isn't worth the money even if it costs less than tier-one systems.

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