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What is FMS?

FMS (Fleet Management Solutions) is an all-satellite, GPS Fleet tracking service. Widely used in the governmental, military, energy, and construction and mining industries. FMS is a critical partner for some of the most robust and expansive vehicle fleets on the planet.

 FMS puts complete mobile asset tracking and management tools in the palm of your hand. Offering a return of initial investment often within a single year, FMS provides direct relief to your bottom line through reducing fuel expense, maintenance, and employee overtime savings. in addition, reduced accident rate and enhanced driver performance creates less downtime and higher customer satisfaction.

Every fleet manager knows the importance of reducing irresponsible driving behavior and cutting idle time when attempting to reduce excess fuel usage. But without the proper technology and tools to track driver and vehicle behavior, the effectiveness of a manager stops at the shop bay door. Fleet Management Solutions puts you in total control of the rich data mined from your GPS-enabled vehicles and assets.

In most industries, accidents and slowdowns among fleet vehicles are an inconvenience. But for many Fleet Management Solutions customers, these events can literally mean the difference between life and death. In hazardous conditions, whether created by human behavior or natural occurrences, managers need to know immediately if their workers and equipment are ever in distress. With Fleet Management Solutions, you can be notified as soon as anything out of the ordinary occurs, or if your driver accesses a distress button located in their vehicle. In either case the encrypted message will deliver the location and nature of the emergency using Fleet Management Solutions' geocoding system.

When you join the FMS family of clients, you can rest assured that your fleet management software is continually striving to improve. FMS has almost a quarter century of telematics experience, and over 500 employees in locations around the globe. Visit the Fleet Management Solutions website to learn how to you can have the power of this industry leader back your organization today.

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FMS Key Features

Fleet Management
  • Fleet Repair/Maintenance Management
  • Fuel Management
Driver Management
  • Driver Scorecards
  • GPS Tracking
  • Speed Tracking
  • Distance Tracking
  • OBD Trackers
  • Dashcams
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