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ServiceNow Reviews & Overview

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow helps enterprises to build cloud networks or software that can help them in administration, governance, or digital workflow management. ServiceNow has grown immensely popular because of all the talk that goes around business automation. ServiceNow is an American-based company operating from Santa Clara, California. 

Businesses are prompted to automate their setups to avoid the hassle. ServiceNow offers structuring, organizational, and automation services to businesses propelling them toward automation. ServiceNow is globally used because of its outstanding fluency and ability to organize and automate business workflows. 

What is ServiceNow Used For?

ServiceNow is majorly used by IT professionals to organize their cases, and facilitate the organization of problem management, and instance management. In the digital age, all of us are on the lookout for platforms that offer automated workflows. ServiceNow promises automation for enterprises within a limited time through its brilliant features. It is commonly used to automate workflows.

Moreover, ServiceNow is also utilized to structure and organize workflows or other data sets. It is also highly useful when it comes to machine learning and artificial intelligence. The platform can facilitate machine learning and artificial intelligence operations with its deep knowledge and extensive deliverability. While it has many uses, it can be thought that it would require extensive configuration. However, it requires minimal configuration to kickstart an enterprise. 

What are the Main ServiceNow Features?

ServiceNow offers easy customization features. Customization is often a hassle on tools. However, ServiceNow with its simplified customization features ensures simple customization.

ServiceNow also offers real-time reporting and analysis that is accurate and fit to automate business workflows. ServiceNow also promises utmost client confidentiality keeping a lid on data breaches and losses. It is a platform ensuring privacy. The configuration is simple and can be deployed by a normal person because it doesn't require extensive command of niche-specific skills.

What are the Top ServiceNow Benefits?

ServiceNow benefits are as follows:

  • Automated workflows that are bound to reduce your workload
  • Advanced organizational features that arrange data
  • Restructuring of business workflows
  • Swift data analytics
  • Excellent configuration features
  • Easy customization
  • Client confidentiality

How Much Does ServiceNow Cost?

The pricing structure of ServiceNow is complex and detailed due to which it is difficult to list all the pricing categories and subcategories. The pricing structure covers deployment, monitoring, and analytics. 


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IRM Standard (4)
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ServiceNow Key Features

  • Policy Management
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