Sciolytix Corporate LMS
Sciolytix Corporate LMS
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Sciolytix Corporate LMS Overview

What is Sciolytix Corporate LMS?

DigitalChalk is a learning system designed for individuals and organizations of all sizes who want to make the educational process more efficient and more engaging for their audience. Whether your goal is to sell your courses online, train new hires, or complete certification requirements, DigitalChalk has the structural backbone and course building expertise to help you achieve your goal.

If a learning management system is difficult to use, then you're essentially just putting roadblocks in the path of your instructors and learners. DigitalChalk’s Team of designers and software engineers have made simplicity and ease-of-use a priority.

Create beautiful presentations with interactive multimedia to help learners grasp difficult concepts quickly and to retain key points long after the presentation is over. In addition, attach any kind of documentation that you would like to share. PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and more are all able to be integrated into your course materials.

Keep your learners engaged with DigitalChalk’s many options for interaction. Collect spontaneous essays, ask your learners to complete a task. Or if you want a more structured interaction, DigitalChalk has a wide range of testing options. From true and false questions to multiple choice and more, DigitalChalk can provide the in depth testing required to be sure that your training is effective.

Once your learners have been tested, view the results with informative analytics reports. Adjusting your teaching style as needed to be sure that your classes are as impactful as they can be.

The Sharable Content Object Reference Model—or SCORM—element in DigitalChalk allows instructors to upload SCORM-compliant content such as converted PowerPoint presentations. This helps make course materials more universally accessible, and reduces worries about IT glitches during a course.

Company:Sciolytix Inc.

Sciolytix Corporate LMS Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 12 February 2020

Digital Chalk-An interesting path to fun learning.

This software helps me providing lessons in a dynamic and interactive way. It has not only made me a good teacher but also an efficient educator.

  • Digital Chalk helps to teach students through digital means
  • This learning management system makes both learning and teaching interesting, fun-filled and technically fulfilling
  • I can design and change my courses in an interactive way so that my students enjoy learning them
  • I can merge my videos and powerpoint presentations to enhance my teaching style and strategies
  • Tests and quizzes help assess students’ growth and performance
  • This tool is a great help for students who want to access learning material in case they have skipped
  • This learning material is easily available in the system
  • Real-time reports generated by the system is awesome.
  • This system is just perfectly designed to make teaching and learning very easy
  • I feel this is the best software as I was not satisfied with any of the previous software
  • The features are perfect as a teacher needs.

Reviewed on 9 February 2020

  • I found this software to be extremely user-friendly
  • It really walks you through step-by-step how to set everything up
  • I also love that you can set checkpoints throughout the vides to ensure users are paying attention the whole time.
  • The setup fee is not good.

Sciolytix Corporate LMS Pricing

Sciolytix Corporate LMS
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Sciolytix Corporate LMS Key Features

Learning Management System (LMS) Features
  • Social Learning
  • Learning Paths
  • Examination Management
Course Management
  • Course Library
  • Course Authoring
Collaboration Tools
  • Gamification
Sciolytix Corporate LMS Features Details

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Sciolytix Corporate LMS Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Learning Management Systems category is 8.3

Sciolytix Corporate LMS Scores

  • Ease of Use
  • Meets Requirements
  • Learning Curve
  • Setup & Support
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Admin

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