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Top Revel Features

What are the Best Revel Features?

Store/Outlet Management
  • Menu Management
Inventory Management
  • Item Tracking & Traceability
  • Procurement/Replenishment Optimization
  • Vendor/Supplier Management
  • Order/Delivery Management
Payment Options
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • QR Payment
  • Gift Cards
Payment Partners
  • Apple Pay
Cash Flow Management
  • Billing Model Management
Supported Devices/Hardware
  • Cash Registers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Signature Pads
  • Customer Facing Displays
  • Smartphones
Customizable Items
  • Custom Reports
Reporting & Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Financial Statements
Integration Options
  • APIs
After-Sales Service
  • Training/Tutorial
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Revel Top Features Related Review

Reviewed on 24 March 2020

Revel- An excellent POS system.

Revel is a better system than it previously was. Opening and closing are simple and Inventory is fairly simple. The look of the software is good too. I would definitely recommend it.

  • It has an aesthetic look and very easy to find things we need
  • Good software that helps clean up POS offerings
  • This software provides good POS protection and security for the business
  • Closing and opening are very simple
  • It also saves a lot of time from the previous system used.
  • There is a problem with discount pricing
  • If there are two items and there is a discount on only one of them, the discount is shown on the other item as well
  • This does not show the price of the items
  • We have to do a manual discount rather than a percentage to work around.

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