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PracticeSuite Reviews & Overview

What is PracticeSuite?

PracticeSuite practice management solution is offered as a package with a medical billing solution: based on the subscription model, some or all of the features will be activated. The solution organizes all front office activities efficiently to ensure that patient appointments are scheduled smoothly and patient flow is managed efficiently. As patients move through the system, bills are created and outstanding amounts are automatically identified. The software tracks patient wait times closely and ensures physicians and other staff are all kept aware of people who are waiting.


As mentioned, PracticeSuite Practice Management solution comes bundled in a comprehensive solution that includes a full medical billing solution.

Good practice management starts with good scheduling. The scheduler built into the solution is simple to configure and use, appointments are color coded for easier management and you can define slots of time for different activities. For example, a patient who registers for the first time could be given a slot of 30 minutes, while a patient who is coming for a follow up could be given a slot of 15 minutes. All of this is automatically handled once predefined. Eligibility checks are automatic and the system allows for multiple appointments for a single time slot to cater to no shows, etc. Recurring appointment slots can be blocked and follow-up appointments can be set. At the end of the day, the scheduler can automatically reconcile payments and other activities.

The solution is built to cater to practices of all sizes, from single doctor practices to large groups. The solution handles 61 different specialties. Doctors who have switched over to the system have often commented that there was something specific for their own specialty in the solution and switching over was much simpler than they had thought previously.

The solution has a lot to offer to large practices: it handles multiple tax IDs and multiple locations. Inventory, resources and equipment are handled with ease and the practices get the agility of a small business while retaining all the advantages of a large practice.

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  • Using it is simple, the ability to link all into a single system is great.
  • Terrible client support-hard to submit tickets, very unresponsive.

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