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NextGen Reviews & Overview

What is NextGen?

A large number of medical practices have benefited from using NextGen Practice Management. Users report improvements in their productivity, increase in revenue, better decision making and improved compliance with regulations. The solution is also tightly integrated with NextGen EHR to help medical practices better manage patients as well as their practice.  With the NextGen Practice Management suite, workflows become efficient, and routine challenges that often plague medical practices become a thing of the past. The solution allows clinics to set up auto-flow procedures to manage check-in and check-out, which speeds up the flow of patients and add to revenue.


NextGen Practice Management users have reported the following improvements in their business:

  • Increase cash collections by 4%
  • Reduce denials by 70%
  • Bring down A/R days by 60%

These improvements are made possible by a thorough revamp of clinical workflows and an overall improvement in efficiency.  The solution promotes data sharing across multiple organizations, thereby helping patients get better consultation.

The solution allows practices to create configurable tasks that can then be allotted to individual members of the practice. This ensures that the workload is shared equally and important tasks are not overlooked.  NextGen also allows creation of auto-flow procedures for patient check-in/out. These procedures can check outstanding payments, deliver instructions and manage reminders for future services. All of these help in making the practice more efficient and generate more revenue while delivering a superior quality of care.

The tool also comes with a business processor that handles the generation and management of claims in the background. Claim creation and checking is automatic and an electronic claim file is generated as soon as check-out is completed. Claims are monitored automatically and status reports are available to administrators whenever they wish to see them. An interesting feature is the auto-execution of batch or stored procedures. The actions in the stored procedure are automatically carried when certain trigger conditions occur. Features like this make NextGen an interesting product. 

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NextGen - Practice Management
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NextGen Key Features

Scheduling Features
  • Physician Scheduling
  • On-Call Scheduling
  • Facility Scheduling
Patient Management Features
  • Scheduling queues
  • Online Patient Scheduling
Claim Management
  • Claim Status Tracking
  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • Embedded Claim Status
  • Claim filing
Reporting and Analytics
  • Financial Reports
  • Administrative Reports
  • Payment Audits
  • Staff Productivity
  • Enhanced Practice Productivity Reports
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NextGen Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • The Practice Management and EHR functions are what makes it unique.
  • Patients can put their information before even visiting, which is helpful when managing new patients.
  • It's also easy to transfer all the things you need to this system.
  • Navigating between screens is very tedious, the clicks and scrolling to get to the required info are too many, it is not consistent, it is non-customizable, its glitches are too many, almost non-existent client support, and on mobile gadgets, it is non-usable.

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The Average Usability score for the Practice Management category is 7.0

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