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What is NetSuite?

NetSuite POS, also known as SuiteCommenrce, is a multi-channel retail management suite designed for retailers irrespective of their industry. The solution has been designed to satisfy the current generation of omni-channel shoppers. This end-to-end solution integrates POS and eCommerce with core business systems onto a single cloud platform. Using NetSuite POS, businesses no longer need to use separate solutions for point of sale features, eCommerce, customer service, inventory management, order management, warehouse management, CRM, business intelligence, marketing and financials. 

Key order management Features

  • Unified commerce platform: SuiteCommerce provides a central interface for order management, customer management, inventory data, and marketing and use this information to create seamless, omnichannel, brand experiences and streamline your business.
  • End-to-end POS: All the traditional point of sale functions can be performed with ease, efficiency and reduced errors. Mobile, web and in-store experiences are unified and streamline for easier use of the solution.
  • Continuous Buying Experience: Customers can access products that they added to their online shopping carts or wish lists, and add them to the in-store transaction at the point of sale. Similarly products that the customer wants to buy later can be saved to his online wish list.
  • CRM: NetSuite provides a 360-degree view of customer profiles, access their previous purchases, returns, issues raised, etc. irrespective of the channel that customers are using.
  • Inventory management: Retailers can view inventory in real time, independently of locations across the company. As such, customers can purchase a product regardless of the location and have it delivered to their home.
  • Sales and marketing: The solution makes it easy to upsell, cross sell and provides recommendations to customers based on their preferences. Similarly promotion schemes, discount codes and offers can be easily shared with the customer.

The NetSuite POS solution offers extensive reporting capabilities which makes it possible for retailers to view real time data on the various pertinent metrics, cash details, etc and gain timely insights into their business operations.

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NetSuite Key Features

Support Features
  • Telephone Support
  • Email Support
  • Online Chat
  • Social Media
Sales Management Features
  • Ordering Automation
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • eCommerce Store
  • Multi-outlets retail management
  • Unlimited products
Customer Management Features
  • Customer sales history
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Online Ordering
Store Management Features
  • Inventory management
  • ecommerce channels
  • Real-time inventory management
Multiple Branch Support
  • Yes
Reporting Features
  • Inventory report
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