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Keap Overview

What is Keap?

Keap CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed specifically for small business owners. It helps to manage customer interactions, automate workflows, and provide insights for growth. 

What is Keap CRM Used For?

Keap CRM is used by small business owners to streamline their customer interactions, manage leads, and automate repetitive tasks. It helps to keep track of customer interactions, appointments, and follow-up tasks. The software also provides insights into customer behavior, purchase history, and more, helping businesses make informed decisions about customer interactions.

What are the Most Important Keap CRM Features?

Keap provides a side array of CRM and marketing automation features, which include:

  • Contact Management: Keep track of customer information, interactions, and appointments in one place.
  • Marketing Automation: Automate repetitive tasks, such as email follow-ups, to save time and increase efficiency.
  • Lead Capture: Easily capture leads from websites, landing pages, and more.
  • Sales Funnel Management: Visualize and manage your sales funnel to better understand your customer journey.
  • Reporting & Insights: Get insights into customer behavior and purchase history to inform business decisions.
  • E-commerce Integration: Connect with popular e-commerce platforms to manage sales and customer interactions.

What are the Top Keap CRM Benefits?

Many businesses choose Keap CRM for the benefits gained, and these benefits include:

  • Streamlined Customer Interactions: Keap CRM helps to streamline customer interactions, making it easier to manage customer relationships.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automation of repetitive tasks saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Better Lead Management: Lead capture and management is made easy with Keap CRM.
  • Improved Customer Insights: Get a deeper understanding of customer behavior and purchase history to inform business decisions.
  • E-commerce Integration: Connect with popular e-commerce platforms for a seamless sales and customer management experience.

What are the Main Keap CRM Competitive Differentiators?

The competitive advantages of Keap include:

Focus on Small Businesses

Keap CRM is specifically designed for small business owners, making it more relevant and accessible.


Automation of repetitive tasks is a key feature of Keap CRM, setting it apart from competitors.

Lead Management

Keap CRM provides a comprehensive lead management system, making it easier for businesses to manage leads and customer interactions.

Customer Insights

The software provides valuable insights into customer behavior, helping businesses make informed decisions.

E-commerce Integrations

Keap CRM integrates with popular e-commerce platforms, making it easier to manage sales and customer interactions.

Keap CRM is a powerful software designed specifically for small business owners. With features such as contact management, marketing automation, lead capture, and reporting & insights, it provides a comprehensive solution for managing customer interactions and automating repetitive tasks. The software's focus on small businesses, automation, lead management, and customer insights make it a competitive differentiator in the CRM market.

Company:Infusion Software, Inc.

Keap Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 30 October 2023

All-Inclusive Business Solution

The seamless integration of quotes with customer emails has vastly improved our efficiency and timeliness. We no longer waste time hunting for quotes; they're right where we need them.

  • It seamlessly integrates our CRM, quoting system, and pipeline management
  • The broadcasting system ensures that our customers stay engaged, eliminating the need for additional email software
  • The tagging system is a standout feature, allowing us to precisely target customer segments for tailored marketing efforts
  • The task system keeps us organized, ensuring no calls or important follow-ups slip through the cracks
  • Consolidating all functions in this exceptional resource would be a significant improvement
  • Additionally, it would be beneficial to have a feature that allows for customer segmentation on a single screen.

Reviewed on 13 October 2023

Empowering Business Success

Transitioning into the world of sales and marketing was made significantly smoother with Keap. The platform's built-in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide invaluable guidance.

  • Abundance of templates, which not only save time but also ensure seamless integration with various applications.
  • An area that could use improvement is the manual input of contacts and the challenge of tracking duplicates

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Keap Key Features

Customer Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Subscription Management
Lead Management
  • Lead Generation
Reporting & Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Service Analytics
  • ROI Reports
  • A/B Testing
  • Dashboard
  • Lead Scoring
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The Average Wheelhouse score for the CRM category is 7.8

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