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What is Huawei?

Huawei is one of the leading providers of high-quality video conferencing and telepresence solutions. The Huawei video conferencing solution features HD video, high security, reliability, stability and scalability, ensuring clear and seamless communications. Huawei video conference solutions are used across different industry verticals, including niche areas such as distance education, telemedicine, remote security, etc. They are the ideal solutions in situations where there is a need for complete collaboration and interaction between geographically separate participants. Moreover, Huawei is known for its excellent, professional support services teams.

Solution Features

  • HD Video: The Huawei video conferencing solution offers 1080 p60 HD video that’s reliable, secure and stable. This level of quality ensures an exceptional conferencing experience, from small conference rooms to cinema-size screens.
  • Scalable: Regardless of the number of participants, the solution fits all needs. Similarly, a global company can leverage the solution in order to communicate and collaborate among employees around the globe.
  • Conference Continuity: Huawei’s video conference solution ensures continuity with robust back-up facilities such as carrier network, core switching platform, service management, network port, main control board, audio visual codec chipset, etc.
  • Network Adaptability: Huawei offers multiple data connection types such as ISDN, IP, E1, and 20% packet loss concealment.

Additional features such as voice dialing, one-tap conferences, wireless presentation, Sitecall and wireless microphones are also available. APIs are available to integrate Huawei’s solution with Microsoft Lync, Skype and IBM Sametime. All these features and more make the Huawei video conferencing solution the solution of choice for both large and medium enterprises, elevating it as one of the leading video conferencing solutions in the market. 

Company:Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

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