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Greenway Health Reviews & Overview

What is Greenway Health?

Built with a strong knowledge base that comes from the involvement of a large number of medical professionals, Greenway Prime Suite EHR and Practice Management is a full-featured EHR and PM solution in a single package. Prime Suite has built-in analytics, financial functions and vast clinical knowledge to help clinics and medical practices become more efficient and comply with regulations while reducing overhead. While it provides best practices to clinicians, Prime Suite can also be customized extensively, allowing users to work the way that suits them best.


Prime Suite is a professionally executed medical practice management and EHR solution. The designers concluded that separation of EHR and Practice Management functions in the solution would not have been a good idea, so they elected to build a composite solution. The result is a full-featured solution that incorporates a large number of best practices that make medical practices more efficient.

While all practice management solutions work by using analytics and reports to make the practice more efficient, Greenway goes a step ahead and uses analytics to help improve compliance with regulatory requirements.  Clients report that their regulatory compliance increased by as much as 95% after they began using the solution. Analytics are also used in assessing how closely clinics are able to match up to the requirements of incentive programs and whether their administrative and billing processes are efficient and streamlined.

An important insight offered by Prime Suite is that most medical practices are aware that their PM solution has important features that they are unable to exploit fully. Prime Suite ensures this does not happen by offering continuing client education on how to use all features of the solution. The company runs a virtual interactive academy that provides a large amount of training material to clients on a monthly subscription. Real-time training courses are also provided.

Another unique feature of the Greenway Prime Suite solution is the accompanying Greenway Marketplace, an app store with a number of optional applications that can be used to enhance the capability of the original solution.

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Greenway Health Pricing

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Greenway Health Key Features

Scheduling Features
  • Automated Allocation
  • Searchable worklists
  • Location Scheduling
Patient Management Features
  • Enhanced audit
  • Deactivated check-in
  • Insurance card tabs
  • Photo ID
  • Duplex card scanning
  • Image import
  • Security level filters
  • Enhanced security features
  • Patient Eligibility Information
Medical Billing
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERAs)
  • Revenue cycle workflows
  • Centralized billing
Reporting and Analytics
  • Ad-hoc Financial Reporting
Greenway Health Features Details

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Greenway Health Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • All the fundamentals pertaining to EHR’s are in this software, accessing and following patients is simple as is maneuvering.
  • Its connection with external resources/providers is much better than other systems.
  • Has a terrible UI-very many clicks are required, lacks an accurate click functionality, and you can’t use the entire window as the document browser doesn’t expand.

Greenway Health has no reviews yet.

Greenway Health Usability Score

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The Average Usability score for the Practice Management category is 7.0

  • Ease of Use
  • Meets Requirements
  • Setup & Support
  • Ease of Admin

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